Get Out From Under the Covers

This is a very short post. Just a wake me up. Ease into the chilly (Miami) morning. It was in the high 50's this morning! DANG!

We had a great time last night once again at Apt 407. Jonathan and I had a blast DJ'ing back and forth for a bit. Just please no requests for The Killers. I don't mind suggestions, I try not to be too harsh (they could easily be at home drinking but decided to come out...) but I have to draw the line somewhere. And they're a good band, just not what I'm into playing right now. Maybe when they become retro. To that guy that asked for The Strokes, I might play that next week, who knows. I think it's to shake the dust off of Is This It (can you believe that came out almost 7 years ago?).

Anyways, this song is a - I guess - a mash up of Radiohead and Bjork performing Bjork's song Unravel. Radiohead most recently peformed this on a web cast last Saturday called Thumbs Down. You can pick that up just about every where just Google it. It is a pretty decent quality recording and it includes some quirky banter between the band.

MP3: Thom Bjork - Unravel {Pocket Mix} (YSI)

The pictures are here from acclaimed toy photographer Brian McCarty. He has a new calendar coming out for 2008 (we're that close... I already told you Thanksgiving is next week...). I'm a huge fan of (hate the term) designer toys. It's kinda funny what constitutes a toy and yet can make it an untouchable collector's item. Fuzzy line between using it for it's purpose (playing) and admiring it for it's aesthetics (art). Is it still valuable if the arm pops off? Or if its paint wears out?

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