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So after writing about Danish music last week, I bought some Entenmann's Danish this week at Publix and then it got me thinking about Danish music again and that's what got me posting about Diefenbach today.
I have been playing their last album (2005) quite a bit at home and I sometimes play their Hot Chip remix at Apt 407 on Thursdays. Like most indie bands it takes a while for a band to get noticed and even more so in the states (especially when a band hails from Scandinavia).
Nevertheless, music is timeless so it doesn't matter when it was released. Diefenbach have been said to take the best things in pop music from the past 40 years and combine it into something wholly their own. You will hear Beach Boy harmonies, electronic flourishes, crunchy guitars, and excellent song writing.
Go to their site for an clips of music as well as remixes by Lindstrom and Hot Chip.

And check out these two:

MP3: Make Your Mind (YSI)
MP3: Favourite Friend (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) (YSI)

I took the pictures above last week at the Levity III Luminarium at Collins Park in Miami Beach. The luminarium was designed by The Architects of Air (Holland) and was setup for the Sleepless Night event that weekend. The luminarium will be back for (the best weekend in Miami) Art Basel from December 6-9 at the Flamingo South Beach (condos on West Ave.).

What makes it amazing is that the entire structure is supported by air. And the colors are illuminated solely by the sun. It is incredible the impact of color on how we feel. The red room feels warmer while the blue is more refreshing.

It was something straight out of Danish designer Verner Panton's interior landscapes. And with THAT ladies and gentlemen we complete the Danish circle. From breakfast foods to fantastic music and interiors.

Panton interior 'Phantasy 2' inside the Loreley cruiseship Visiona 2

(...across the street from the Luminarium. Yes this was a lunch break. I honestly can't complain.)


Victor Castro said...

great find on Diefenbach! i also visited Levity III Luminarium in Sleepless Night. i'll go to it again for Art Basel. Also, great pics and well composed post, although, it would of been complete with the history of clogs... maybe not... "cloggin" would then become a trend.

Chris said...

I have been playing their album all weekend. Highly recommended.

(And clogs look too much like Crocs and Crocs make me barf in my mouth a little bit...and aren't clogs Dutch nto Danish? But I know what else comes from Amsterdam! Gouda...).

Victor Castro said...

I actually was picturing Crocs on that comment... Can't stand them! Yes you are correct on the origin of clogs, thank you. Ah yes... Gouda! Other new notables from Amsterdam: Seventy Five sneaker boutique, Universe on a T-Shirt, PIEK!, OBA... OH and Heineken (I prefer Grolsh, but never over Belgium beer).