It always amazes me when international artists do not sound like music from their home country (or at least what I would expect from their home country - yes I admit that was a bit stereotypical).

The Raveonettes from Denmark are a perfect example. One would not expect something sounding like The Jesus and Mary Chain from a Danish group.

Taking 50's and 60's rock 'n' roll and harmonies and adding an ample amount of fuzz and dark lyrics, they craft a pretty unique sound. They are getting ready to release their latest album, Lust, Lust Lust next week (not in the U.S. yet - we get it ooh around March of 2008...).

The album was self-recorded and self-produced.
In an interview on the Danish radio station P3, the band said that there is no live drums or bass, which is all programmed. Making it the most minimal and electronic or synthetic album the band has released.

So close your eyes and pretend we are in Europe hearing the first single (God knows when it will be released here... aren't you happy for this blog now?)

MP3: Blush (YSI)

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