Life Is Too Short To Be A Naysayer

Here is one more new band that I am thoroughly enjoying right now.

yea·say·er /ˈyeɪˌseɪər/ [yey-sey-er] – noun
1. a person with an optimistic and confident outlook.

Yeasayer is a band out of Brooklyn that seems to be set to take the record of year title for 2007 in the blogosphere. The track 2080 ranks high in my personal favorites of the past 11 months.

(That reminds me, we are running out of time to compile our top lists of 2007. Ray! Get on it! hahaha)

The music evokes sounds from the past but that is not to say that Yeasayer are stuck there. They are a modern band with influences as varied as religious chants to David Byrne. You feel their connection to the natural world but before they settle into a new age sounds, they burst through with almost gospel anthems (No Need to Worry).

Fans of Animal Collective, TV on the Radio or any other modern band with a spiritual leanings will enjoy them.

They have a track available for down on their MySpace profile so drop in and check it out. And here is their first single that I cannot stop playing (it's everywhere right about now).

MP3: 2080 (YSI)


Victor Castro said...

great song 2080!!! thanks! you gotta love top lists... i'll be looking for yours... hmm, i can spend hours talking and comparing all sorts of lists (a la Rob Gordon - 'High Fidelity').

Andrew McLees said...

I wasn't too impressed when I saw Yeasayer open for Shapes and Sizes. Le Loup (the preceding band) blew them (and S&S) out of the water. I'd recommend checking out Le Loup.