Music To Make Love To

And now back to finding those hidden gems. One of the reasons I enjoy writing this blog so much is discovering new talent. Untapped creative juices just waiting to explode (or trickle) onto unsuspecting listeners.

Chris Price sent us an email a few weeks ago, announcing his debut full length album Post Pop Parade. The album take cues from the 80's and 90's and twists them into relevant pop music. He is not afraid to use the four letter word "pop" when describing it (I know it's only 3 letters, ugh, never mind...).

Chris is from Washington DC and has a weekly there at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Thursdays. So if any you stop by tell them, "Off the Radar sent ya!" (a Pee Wee and Large Marge)

Oh man, reading over his bio, I just remember the best part of the story, how he got into music in the first place. Porn. (hence the post title...) He wasn't exactly in the movies, his music was. He was not even old enough to purchase the movies. You can check out his full bio here and how the Weather Channel, Gangsta Christians and Chris are related.

I have been playing out this track when I DJ and the reaction has been, "Who's that?" "Who sings this?" "Where did you find this?" I am not one to hide the music I listen too (okaaayyy sometimes, I hold onto it a bit longer than I should but doesn't everyone? Fine, not Ray, he's a giver.). Anyways, with that I present a song I have been keeping to myself.

MP3: Dim the Lights, Evangeline (YSI)

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