At the Scope Exhibit last week they had this cool little Porta-Party cubicle. Once you go inside they have this little disco ball and like 2 little lights and music for an Instant Party! Thought it was pretty cool idea and more interactive than a lot of the displays at Basel. The inside picture didn't come out as good. It was too dark and the flash messes shit up. This space dude was cool too. Took tons of pics of me and my girl reflecting off the visor for a real artsy effect. Here's one of just the space dude, which is cool on it's own merit.

Me and Chris are gonna be working on our 'Best Of' lists this week-end, so if you have any tracks/albums you think we should consider for it please leave it in the comments section and we'll look into it.

In the meantime I have some sweet tracks to keep you occupied and dancing throughout the week-end! Try some of these in your Ipod when you jog. One of my favorite places to hear new music.

The new Hot Chip track Ready for the Floor is pretty amazing! Kinda reminds me of the vibe of Over and Over. I think it will be a big dancefloor hit in the coming months. Just check out those amazing bleeps and booming bass! Dance sucker!!

Also got a new Presets remix of their new single My People. I like this Damage Edit better than the original. It's darker and more reminiscent of the Presets sound I love.

This self titled Lions at Your Door track mixed by Mailer Daemon is pretty sweet also. Got a little edge and kick to with some butt kicking female vocals to boot!

Finally the Vector Lovers track Hush Now is a little more mellow so I'm putting it at the end of the list, but not because it's the worst. Far from it, one of my favorites of the bunch. I love to start mixes/nights with this track. Nice and smooth. A perfect late night track...


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