We've Got You Covered

I realized I haven't posted one of these in a while. Cover songs always intrigue me because it is interesting to see what two different artists can do with the same song (sometimes the results are not too great).

I have already featured a track from his jazzy-dance band Mondo Grosso, but nothing about the artist himself, Shinichi Osawa. By himself, he is a rising producer/artist with resume full of edits for Kitsune (Boys Noize, Christopher Just and Digitalism) and in Japan, the term is "megastar". And somehow I can see that.
He just released an album in Japan called "The One" and promoted it by playing it at mobbed Apple stores around the country. He also DJ's at The Womb in Tokyo which was voted "best nightclub in the world"?!? (How did they figure that out?) Add that to my places to visit when I go in April.

Anyways, here I present his album opener, a cover of The Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar. It is a simple cover but done just right. Also I have include another track off itfeaturing Princess Superstar. Like the kids say, "It's a banger." I expect this be played at whatever New Year's party I'm at right around 12:25am (after all the Cuban kids have called the parents and abuelos, so we can dance). Shinichi Osawa is about to explode...

MP3: Star Guitar Featuring Au Revoire Simone (Chemical Brothers cover) (YSI)
MP3: Detonator Featuring Princess Superstar (YSI)

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