The Boom Bip, The Boom-Boom Bip

Boom Bip has a new mini-ED/CD/LP out Sacchrilege and it is a bit of a departure from his last full length Blue Eyed In The Red Room. The beats drive harder and are quasi-made for the dancefloor (albeit an alternative dancefloor). The sound is crunchier than his previous tracks but stray far away from the "durr-durr" sound of the summer.

You know what I'm talking about. In fact from here on out I am christening the electro sound of the summer as "durr-durr" sound (after the Erol Alkan Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr edit of Waters of Nazareth -- I hear a collective "ooooh, THAT durr-durr sound"). There is just too much confusion on what is "electro" and that term honestly gets thrown around a bit too freely.

Back to Boom Bip, I still think his best work has been his collaboration with Gruff Rhys on the Do's & Don'ts single (I posted this a while back...). But I like the fact that I get to play some of his stuff out when I DJ now. AND the cover of the EP is a cake. And who can say no to cake?

I keep changing the track I'm going to post because they're all so good. Dangit. Okay this one because I can't say no to cowbells (I almost changed it again... I better post this before I change my mind again...).

MP3: The Pinks (YSI)

Oh and Miami, what is up for New Year's?!?!?!?!?!


Chris said...

Can I comment on my own post?

DAMN this EP is good. Really it is.

Chris said...

I just heard a better term for the Durr-Durr style music, "French Krak" music.

That's awesome.

Victor Castro said...

So I finally got some time to catch up on my blogging (except posting on my own)...

May I repeat your comment... DAMN this EP is good. Really it is. IT IS!!!!

I've spent a good hour tonight in here and I have decided to create a playlist in my iPod (iTouch, if I may add) and calling it offTHEradar! Thanks for all the music!