Just Go and Let Me Know How It Was

Times I wished I was in NYC.... (oh but Holy Ghost! is going to be in Miami soon...).

Happy Holidays!

Take your pick. Two versions for two different tastes. Classic Misfits.

MP3: Halloween (YSI)
MP3: Halloween (Cousin Cole vs. Flufftronix Remix) (YSI)

Alice Cooper sings, Welcome to My Nightmare on the Muppet Show.

The 90's Are the New 80's

I cannot figure out my thoughts on the next band I am highlighting on the blog. Granted, if I am posting about them, there has to be something that draws me to them, but I can also see them passing through rather quickly after their first album into the abyss of indie bands that only appear on teen dramas. Queue... The Hills.

Let's take a gamble on MGMT (or Management) and see what happens. Their story is happens very quickly. In 2005, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, graduated from college and began to tour extensively promoting their debut EP and in the process end up opening for Of Montreal.

That break led them to a 4 album music deal in 2006 with Sony/Columbia Records. Now they are once again on tour with Of Montreal in support for their major label debut, Oracular Spectacular which is available for digital download now and in retail stores in 2008.

Their music has a throwback to the 90's (it's been almost 9 years already, I can't WAIT for 90's retro to become big... with neon and rave coming back! It's cool again! Hold on, it's already been done...).

But MGMT leans towards other 90's sounds. The first one that comes to my head are the Gregg Alexander fronted The New Radicals. Who pretty much fell apart before their 2nd single when Alexander became a cry baby b/c he had to do interviews and stuff. Wah, wah...

In fact now that I listen to the music even more, I have to wonder if the New Radicals were brought back under a new name. I think I am already sealing their fight by saying that. Oh well, the post is already written.

MP3: Time to Pretend (YSI)
MP3: Electric Feel (YSI)

MP3: The New Radicals - Someday We'll Know (YSI)


M.I.A. invades MIA tonight playing Studio A. The show is sold out. Sooo best chance to catch a glimpse is the after-party, if you don't have tickets. Everybody knows where that is. (I have been known to frequent the place...). DJ Contra (M.I.A.'s former tour DJ) will be holding it down. And honestly the last time Contra DJ'ed an M.I.A. after party in MIA it was insane (and actually at the same place).

MP3: Boyz (Diplo Remix Feat. Battles & Akon) (YSI)

UPDATE: The show was amazing. You can see how much she has progressed since I first saw her at I/O a few years back. The experience she has gained on festival stages has given her a confidence that even with technical issues keeps her in control of the show without missing a beat. (WTF Studio A, can't you handle power for a couple of turntables and projectors?!?!)

The crowd freaked out for Bucky Done Gun and kept up the energy for the entire show. In fact the only bad comments I have are for Studio A itself (and I'll leave those out).

I headed out to the after-party during the last song but it was to say hi to a few friends and I left before the crowd arrived (and M.I.A.).

Here are some shaky clips. The bass was boomin' yo!

We want bucky done gun!

Exclusive Free EP from DFA Records

DFA LogoFor all of you DFA Fans out there. Just made available to download is an Exclusive Free EP from DFA Records! The release includes a video of LCD Soundsystem playing "Us Vs Them" live in Manchester, alongside radio session tracks from Prinzhorn Dance School and Shocking Pinks.

The free download is available from now only until 30 November 2007 and all tracks are only obtainable in this release so click here to download it now!

The Shocking Pinks album is mighty fine. And if you had gone to Apt 407 last night you would have heard Prinzhorn Dance School. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. See what you miss? Come next week!

Full tracklisting:
1. LCD Soundsystem - "Us Vs Them" (Live In Manchester)
2. Prinzhorn Dance School - "Live Horn" (radio session)
3. Shocking Pinks - "Emily" (Live On RDU Radio New Zealand)
DFA Records Exclusive

We Put Some Energy Into This Place

So, I am recovering from the party last night at Apt 407. I am not as young as used to think I was. (?!?) I realized that this weekend is the first party weekend of the holiday season. And also Miami's "season" which is basically when the weather drops to a comfortable 70, humidity is gone (even though it's friggin still sticky as shit outside - damn global warming), hotel prices skyrocket and there is something to do every night of the week.

Last night was an awesome time, and if you have not gone by you need to make a point to get your ass over to our place. Unbelievably chill vibes, great bartenders, (and I heard pretty good music too). If you have MySpace, add us friend.

As great of a time I had last night, it also got me very tired this morning. Since I need to have energy for tonight (3 to 4 scheduled party appearances - I told you it's the start of the season), my iPod (reading my mind as always) jumped to Modeselektor and one of the most appropriately named songs I can think of, Hyper Hyper featuring Miami's own king of IDM and hardcore, Otto Von Schirach.

The track is from Modeselektor's latest release, this year's Happy Birthday. It's fast and loud like a (pardon mon francais) dick slap in the face. I highly recommend either release Happy Birthday or 2005's Hello Mom! out on BPitch Control from Berlin. It's the perfect rude awakening for a Friday morning.

MP3: Hyper Hyper (featuring Otto von Schirach) (YSI)

*Please note: This song MUST be played on a huge system. Don't even bother with headphones. Massive subs are imperative.

And check out what Thom Yorke has to say about the band:
drink down in one go. then go out. for conspicuous consumers everywhere. 'should a known he'd leave you for that little hooker heather.' oh yeah. Modeselektor are genius. no-one has ever cut up a voice like this.
The song he is referring to is Silikon featuring Sasha Perera from Hello Mom! and I have to agree with him about the vocals. It seems he was impressed enough to make an appearance on Happy Birthday on the much blogged track The White Flash.

MP3: Silikon (featuring Sasha Perera) (YSI)

Happy Halloween!

Eights days until all hallow's eve. Halloween is a pretty funny holiday. The idea of dressing up and become another persona is an interesting idea. It stirs up a million questions. Do people pick costumes subconsciously because of some desire to take on another role? (I honestly have NO desire to be a sumo wrestler!) Is it for just comedy's sake? Are they dressing up as Raggedy Andy because the significant other is insisting it will look "cute"? How about those "Hooters" guys? (You know the 4 guys that wear skin tight orange shorts with "padded" tank tops.) What are they saying? Probably something alone the lines of, "TEQUILA SHOTS!"

But, I miss trick or treating the most. Candy. For free? Yes, please. But that has been replaced with something just as good. House parties. After the December holidays, I think Halloween probably has the most house parties. And usually the parties are filled with sexy nurses, sexy angels, sexy pirates, sexy maids, sexy fairies, sexy witches, and the four Hooters guys taking shots.

So in honor of this upcoming holiday weekend (holidays are by default moved up to the earliest weekend when there are no days off in involved). I decided to dig out some Halloween tracks. We got the obvious ones there and a couple new ones. The instrumental version of Thriller is pretty amazing. You can appreciate the ridiculous bass line and the background vocals are left behind to fill it out a bit. And then Vincent Price sticks around to deliver his famous monologue and laugh.

I found the Fine Tuning remix of Bauhaus at Just Press Play . Perfect track for late night listening. And Arcade Fire rounds out the mix and the night of debauchery, mischief and frights.

MP3: The Cramps - Human Fly (YSI)
MP3: Michael Jackson - Thriller (Instrumental) (YSI)
MP3: Warren Zevon - Werevolves Of London (YSI)
MP3: Bauhaus - Bella Lugosi's Dead (a Fine Tuning Funkpunk Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Metronomy - Trick or Treats (YSI)
MP3: Arcade Fire - Vampire/Forest Fire (LIVE) (YSI)

Ow-oooooh Werewolves of London!

Here is the New...

Wow, what a great time at Apt 407 last night! Champagne flowing all over the place and amazing international beers and music! Chris killed it, so did Jonathan and Tom. Then I came on and gave the crowd the classic sing-alongs. Great to see drunk people singing to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd at 4 in the morning... All in all a very successful debut. The only complaint I got was that it was a bit smoky and hot so we're gonna hook it up with fans for next week and we should be straight. Thanks to everyone who came out! We hope to see you back again, and again. This place is so sweet and the owner is super nice (a rare thing in Miami!) This venue deserves some good exposure.

Anyways it's Friday and it's time for business! Weekly Mixtape Time!

Here are some sweet tracks I came across this week....

I got this older track by Electric Light Orchestra called 'Here is the News' which is the inspiration for the title to this post. It's a great song and should appeal to fans of Midnight Juggernauts. The keyboard riffs are identical to the riffs of Into the Galaxy. They must have been listening to ELO when they made that song. Amazing how a song so old holds up so well. It's 26 years old but still sounds fresh, like it was released yesterday.

Here's also a new-ish track by Cut Copy called So Haunted from their upcoming album which I hear is being produced by DFA, so you know the beats are gonna be great! Give us a new album already! Chris doesn't think this one's that great, but I think it's worth at least posting and letting you guys decide.

Also check out the track by Big Face called My Body Moves Faster. It starts out slower but when it kicks in about halfway in, it's amazing! Kinda reminds me of early Nine Inch Nails, except dancier.

The track by Gucci Soundsystem is solid as well! Good stuff!

Anyway's enjoy and have a great week-end!

P.S. The artwork from this post was taken by my girlfriend Li, as are most of the cool photographs I use for the dance posts. The second one we took the other day of some street art here in Miami as we were driving around. We took it right from my car. It was raining as you can see on the right hand side of the windshield, but I still love the way it came out. There's a few of these by were we live in the Miami Design District and they're huge, they must be over 20 feet tall. Their done by an artist called Santiago I think. Hard to make out the name on there. He has a bunch of these Goth girls all around Design District and we always marvel at how great they are.

UPDATE: The artist's name is Santiago Rubino. Thanks to Kristine for the info!


Do I make you hungry baby?

I cannot enough of this song. Hustler was released on Kitsune (record label I heart) back in 2006 and it is getting re-released next month with some new mixes.

If you are in NY, go see Simian Mobile Disco perform live at the Apple Store in Soho TODAY! Part of the CMJ craziness.

Simian Mobile Disco Live @ the Soho Apple Store
103 Prince St
New York, NY
2:00 pm

MP3: Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix) (YSI)

TONIGHT :: APT 407 @ Abraxas Lounge (South Beach)

APT 407 @ Abraxas Lounge

So tonight is the start of a new party in Miami (technically South Beach). Laid back vibe, close to other Thursday hot spots (Money Shot @ Love/Hate, The Room). Perfect as a "jump off point "or a "fall back to" place.

Abraxas is an amazingly beer and wine spot with hundreds of selections in a cozy environment reminiscent of spots like The Room, except bigger. We think you guys are gonna love it! Come out to our Opening Night and judge for yourselves. We think you'll love this hidden gem as much as we do!

Add Our MySpace Page:: Apartment 407 to stay updated.

407 Meridian Ave
Miami Beach

(On the Corner of 4th and Meridian
in the SoFi neighborhood of the beach.)


Special Reduced Beer & Wine Selections 11-12
Rotating $4 Beer Specials Weekly!
No Cover!

Just Added Opening Night ::

Tom Grizzle (Ocean Drive) Celebrates his Birthday with us and drops a sweet set!
Plus Music Selections By Chris Mora (Off the Radar Blog)
AAANNDD 1 AM-ish Free Champagne Toast for Everyone in Attendance!!

On A Friday

So everybody cannot get In Rainbows out of their CD decks (I felt like I just typed 8 track) and rightfully so. The album is amazing and I have not heard any negative comments about it.

Anyways, how about some vintage Radiohead? Circa 1991, Courtyard Studios, Oxford. Recorded on cassette (now it seems I am trying to use every music medium out there...).

Technically this is not Radiohead's music but the group On a Friday, whose members included: Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood and Phil Selway. Okay fine, that is the current Radiohead line up. On a Friday was their college band before the name change and subsequent world wide blog domination and DRM free mp3 tracks. They took the name because they met for band practice... you guessed it... on a Friday.

Interesting to see bands of this size and how they started. Thom's voice sounds so young. The music sounds out of control. On the verge of something big. The other tracks hint of future albums. I hear Kid A voice samples and Creeps guitar licks that was released a few short years later.

Can you believe this is the same band the recorded Paranoid Android?

Here is an excerpt from the magazine above that nabbed the first interview with this new band:
At the end of October Oxford’s thinnest band (The Wild Poppies split up ages ago), On A Friday, played at the Jericho Tavern to a good sized crowd and there was a man from EMI there. A mere two weeks later they play the Tavern again and the place is heaving. There are twenty-five record company A&R men there and they all paid to get in. To put it bluntly, On A Friday are HAPPENING. Good job we chose this month to put them on the cover.
Read the rest here.

(Dang, after hearing the album again, I guess EVERYBODY loved their 808 in the early 90's.)

MP3: Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth (YSI)
MP3: Give It Up (YSI)
MP3: How Can You Be Sure? (YSI)

Shout it Out Loud!

Been digging the New Shout Out Louds album 'Our Ill Wills' released recently on Merge Records September the 11th.

Their from Sweden, it's their sophmore album and no slump here, it's a great pop/rock record. They worked with Bjorn of Peter, Bjorn & John fame behind the controls and you can tell. Quality stuff. The lead singers voice reminds me a whole lot of Robert Smith and at times 'Normandie' of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, but it's ok they still got their own thing going.

They have a little of everything here. Some slow jams 'Impossible' some dancey ones 'Tonight I Have to Leave It', but mostly they're just real good sing-alongs! Great car material. The Kleerup Remix of 'Tonight I Have To Leave It' is sick! I posted it in a Mixtape a couple weeks ago. If you didn't get it, you should! When that chorus kicks in, out of hand!

Here's a few more tracks to soak up...


Here's a Live Performance I found of 'Tonight I Have to Leave It' complete with strings and party hats.

It's up to you! Your choice...

That's right... How do you feel about 5 free songs from iTunes? Maybe you want to get some more music that we featured here in the past...

Or some new music we haven't even talked about yet?!?! (Check out MGMT, highly recommended....)

Well, today is your lucky day! It seems Ticketmaster Live, Facebook and iTunes have created a promotion offering you 5 free iTunes tracks! Just follow the really easy instructions (you'll obviously need a Facebook account).

This just worked for me on the U.S. Facebook site with the U.S. iTunes store.

Here’s how to get five free iTunes downloads costing between $0.99 and $1.29:
  • Login to Facebook (create an account if you don't have one already)
  • Go to the group Ticketmaster Live by clicking here or searching in Facebook for “Ticketmaster Live.”
  • Join the group.
  • When you join , you will receive the code to redeem at the iTunes Store. It will be right on the screen after joining the group. (The code will likely look something like this: TMX6WMNWL7H3Q).
  • Go to the iTunes Store within iTunes and click on “Redeem” in the top of the right-hand column. Make sure you are on the Home Page of the iTunes store.
  • Enter the code when prompted. You will receive credit for five downloads costing between $0.99 and $1.29 and the expiration date of the credit.
  • Enjoy!

Come out, come out...

They help us, so why don't you help them? Help these guys out!

The NEW Hype Machine wants to see 10,000 of you before it comes out to play. Go to!

The Hype Machine follows music blog discussions. Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love — and it all ends up there. If you have beta access, enter here.

Kitsune Teaser

Even the graphic is a tease, just pieces of people flashing on the screen. This is a snippet of an upcoming Kitsune Mix CD entitled BoomBox curated by Jerry Bouthier (BoomBox resident). For this compilation, Parisian label Kitsuné teamed up with London’s Club BoomBox to create the mix.

Let me tell you at 5 minutes it is one heck of a tease. And Kitsune has thrown every heavy hitter their licensing crew could get their hands on. They throw tracks at you left and right and if you don't get out of your cubicle and start dancing when it starts playing... well... you're hopeless.

Alas, it is only a tease. So you are telling me there is a longer version of this?

The production on this is what you expect from Kitsune... Dance floor perfection. And to think, Kitsune started as a feshion label (well still is...).

MP3: Minimix Teaser (YSI)

I want my MTV

Oh shit! This is awesome...

What a coincidence that Dire Straits' Sultan of Swing has been in my iPod rotation this past week. Chromeo is now reading my mind!

Ray said...

...Not to post anymore about Radiohead. So I won't post anything about the fact that I just got an email from W.A.S.T.E. letting me know how to download my copy of it from

I won't say anything about that AT ALL. Okay gotta go, I've got some listenin' to do...


Little video of the making of the album. (I can't believe they almost covered Rhianna's Umbrella.)

Thy Kingdom Come....

Dave Gahan the enigmatic Depeche Mode frontman will be releasing his second solo album later this month (Ocotber the 23rd) entitled 'Hourglass'.

After the release of his first solo album 'Paper Monsters' and some critical and commercial success a couple years ago he managed to earn enough leverage with Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) to write his first three tracks for DM in their 25+ years of existence on 'Playing the Angel'. Hard to believe that all the songs Dave has sung throughout the years have been written almost exclusively by Martin Gore. Except for of course their first album 'Speak and Spell' which had songs written by Vince Clark of later Erasure fame.

Anyways I kinda liked Dave's first album. It was more mellow, guitar driven and atmospheric. It filled in nicely between Depeche Mode albums and I can never get enough of Dave's voice which seems to be getting better with age.

The first single from the new album is called 'Kingdom' and its a bit more electronic than anything from the first album. I hear thats the direction with this new one, so I'm pretty excited about that. He enlisted some heavy hitters to remix the first single, Digitalism & Booka Shade. Check them out below...

The video for Kingdom is pretty sweet also, so I'll post that and a great slow atmospheric track from Paper Monsters called 'Stay' as well.

On a side-note Alan Wilder former member of Depeche Mode from 1983-1995, and one of the main people responsible for that amazing DM sound for which he got very little credit for and eventually left the band, has recently released a new Recoil album called 'Subhuman'. I haven't heard it yet, but the artwork is amazing and I'm sure it's great! The reviews are saying for fans of bands like Massive Attack and such with a blues singer on vocals for like 5 of the tracks. Gotta check that out. You should too!


MP3: Stay (YSI)

Play by Play: I'm A Little Excited

IN RAINBOWS UPDATE (Order # WAS4298063) Inbox

"" to me Show details 4:25pm (5 minutes ago)









And no, I don't plan on posting tracks from the album. (Spend the 45 pence minimum - credit card processing fee - and get your own! For free purchases, no credit card is necessary and no additional fee is charged.)

Remixes, rarities, b-sides are a possibility though.

The band has worked on the follow-up to 2003's Hail to the Thief for over two years, beginning in early 2005. This release will end the longest gap between Radiohead albums since the beginning of their career.

Last night I was reminded that summer is over...

I think I hyped that Arcade Fire website a bit much. It was designed for the release of their newest single the title track off of Neon Bible. Nothing more, nothing less.

The site reminds me of a shallow version of Feed the Head (
While you can spend a good part of an hour playing around with the latter, The Arcade Fire site feels a little anemic. It is still worth a click though to be able to control Win Butler around. They are calling this a video to Neon Bible making it the first song on the album to have a music video. (Does this mean the MTV awards are going to have a new category?)

But you went to the site for the music and not the fancy Flash animations anyways. AAANNNDDD how about that show on Saturday in NY's Randall's Island? You know the one with Les Savy Favv, Blonde Rehead, LCD Soundsystem AND Arcade Fire? Seems like it was THE show to end the summer concert season.

The Arcade Fire wrapped it up with an encore IN THE AUDIENCE, covering Violent Femme's Kiss Off. This is from a friend's camera. She sent me the video as soon as she got home. You can hear them them singing along with the band.

If you can ignore the annoying chick...

"I wish I had my camera... I wish I had my camera... I wish I had my camera... "

This video is on fire all over the internet today.

This track was one side of a split 7" with Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem sold exclusively (until eBayers list theirs...) while they were on tour together this past summer. It is a cover of a France Gall song composed by Serge Gainsbourg.

MP3: Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son (YSI)

After currency exchange...


December 3rd is going to be a nice day when that package arrives.





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So I've been slacking off lately... My boss Chris is coming down hard! Post, Post, Post!!! I want a mix tape now! I was gonna do a mix tape last Friday but Chris beat me to the punch. What can I do??

Anyways, it's Friday again! So get ready for some musical goodness!

I have to say maybe it's the time of the year or something but haven't been digging a lot of the stuff coming out on the blogs lately. Except for a few exceptions like BigStereo, Obscure Sound and Headphonesex, which always put up great stuff!

Regardless I managed to scrounge up 7 amazing tracks for your listening/dancing enjoyment.

Been loving the Shout Out Louds! Great band! They are more rock oriented but there is this Kleerups Remix of their track 'Tonight I Have to Leave It' that is sick! Makes you wanna dance your ass off, especially when the chorus kicks in. Wait for it, it's amazing!

Also here's a killer track by The Glass for you called 'Fourteen Again'. It's real dark and guitar laden. Kinda reminds me of bands like Jesus and Mary Chain. There's a remix of it by UFO that is worth checking out as well, but I like the original better, so I'll post that one.

The Jupiter One track 'Countdown' is amazing as well. This remix by LA Riots gives it that extra dance floor kick you will love.

Also another great band I found this week on Obscure Sound is The Friend. Great band! Took me awhile to figure out which one to put on here. I'm putting 'Streets Call' which is a little more upbeat to match up with the rest of these dance tracks but I highly recommend checking their other stuff as well.

Anyways enjoy and have a great weekend!

If you are in South Florida I'll be spinning Saturday @ Circa & Sunday in the Back Room at Purdy. Both amazing parties! Come visit me, buy me a shot and tell me how much you love the Blog!


MP3: Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It (Kleerups Remix) (YSI)
MP3: The Glass - Fourteen Again (YSI)
MP3: Jupiter One - Countdown (LA Riots Remix - Radio Edit) (YSI)
MP3: The Knife - You Take My Breath Away (Puppetmasters Remix) (YSI)
MP3: The Friend - Streets Call (YSI)
MP3: Theater of Disco - YOA (YSI)
MP3: Kyte - Secular Ventures (Maps Remix) (YSI)

Hotel Chevalier

I am anxiously waiting for the release of Wes Anderson's next flick The Darjeeling Limited. To wet our appetites, Anderson has released a short that acts as a prequel to the movie.

Hotel Chevalier is a 12-minute “prequel” to The Darjeeling Limited, starring Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman. It takes place in Paris two-weeks before The Darjeeling Limited. I believe it was originally part of the movie but trimmed out in the editing room to keep the movie an average length.

The film is available for free download from iTunes. You’ll have to have iTunes installed and a registered iTunes account in order to get the free download.

Click here to go automatically to the Hotel Chevalier download page. It should launch iTunes if you have it installed. Or you can just search for it in the iTunes store.

Freeze! Pop!

Freezepop is a minimal electro-pop trio hailing from Massachusetts. I first met them a few years ago when I brought them down to do a show @ I/O and I've stayed in contact with the band, particularly lead singer Liz/Jussi ever since. She was the first person to introduce me to the Swedish electro-pop duo Tribeca, for which I am eternally grateful. Fans of bands like Postal Service should definitely check them out as well. Their every bit as good as the masters Postal Service which I hear are also working on new material! Finally!

The first song I ever heard from Freezepop was 'Plastic Stars' which I loved instantly and started playing out every chance I got way back in those amazing Piccadilly PopLife Days. It's good to see they still have it on their MySpace player. Most bands get sick of their older hits and do away with them.

Anyways after a couple years wait from their last full length I had been itching for some new material from Freezepop. Then I go check my mail the other day and to my delight there's a Shiny New Freezepop CD filled with great Lite Bright type artwork and photography. It's their 3rd Full Length album 'FutureFutureFuturePerfect' which was just released September the 25th.

The new album is pretty much of the same vain as their first two albums. Simple, catchy, dancey, electro-pop fun! Their first single from the album is called 'Less Talk More Rokk' and was featured in the videogame Guitar Hero II.

They also have a few slower tracks on the album such as 'Thought Balloon' and 'Swimming Pool' which I always tend to like from them because it showcases Liz's voice. When the tracks are slowed down you can really appreciate her great singing voice.

Another thing I love about Freezepop is their sense of humor. With track titles like 'Do You Like My Wang?', 'Pop Music is Not a Crime' & 'Ninja of Love' it can only bring a smile to your face. The last thing they put in their credits too is 'no real instruments were used in the making of this recording' Classic!

Anyways without further a-do here is some new music by them and that classic 'Plastic Stars' track I was talking about. I also saw a cool new video for 'Less Talk More Rokk' starring mice! Which I'll be posting.

Go find them on Myspace and add them. They have 54,000+ friends now!

MP3: Ninja of Love (YSI)
MP3: Thought Balloon (YSI)
MP3: Pop Music is Not a Crime (YSI)
MP3: Plastic Stars (YSI)

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Chromeo

Alright guys, so Chromeo has made it to MTV. The Hills to be exact. I use to be selfish, get my music and hide and tell as few people (only if they were worthy) about my finds. (No Chromeo is not my find, I'll leave that to Ari when he played Needy Girl a couple years back at Buck 15).

But I realized that Chromeo is going to move on to Gap commercials and bigger and bigger festivals and there is honestly nothing I can do about it. And I don't plan to by a whiny bitch and talk about how MTV does not play music anymore and just ruins things and blah blah. Who cares?

How many artists have debuted since Chromeo? Just keep looking for the next "hidden" gem.

In the meantime, in all things Chromeo, Vice Records is declaring this week Chromeo Jaxxy week and are giving away a track-a-day of the duo.

Check out what they got so far:

MP3: Bonafied Lovin (LA Riots Remix)
MP3: Bonafied Lovin (DJ Eli Remix featuring Pase Rock)

Oh and the video above is them performing above/through Times Square recently (on MTV...).

Another Mysterious Website With A Date

Go to the Arcade Fire website at and go past the flashy bibles and poke the big eye with your mouse pointer. It sends you

Whaddaya get? Another date. October 6th (this Saturday). What could the kids be giving us? They have a monster stop on their tour with LCD Soundsystem @ Randall's Island, NY that day (Les Savy Fav, Blonde Redhead and Wild Light are also on the same bill) but that cannot have anything to do with the site.

Has the whole Radiohead website already changed the mindset of the industry or did Arcade Fire already have this planned? Most likely the latter rather than the former but it is a funny coincidence.

Two secret websites announcing something from prominent (in one case gigantic) indie bands.
Crazy to use Radiohead and indie in the same sentence. Maybe they are giving away their next album too!


Just saw this from some friends at WVUM (University of Miami). Jimmy Tamborello, interesting. Maybe the drive home won't be so bad after all. If you are not in Miami, tune in at

enjoy all day, hours and hours of coast to coast beats from Miami's forward-thinkers and LA's brightest soundsmiths.

90.5fm in miami, everywhere else..

3-4: benton
4-5: jacque polynice
5-6: matt cash
6-7: plot
7-8: Jimmy Tamborello
8-9: Frosty&Matthewdavid
9-10: Hoseh
10-11: Derelict

305.284.5786 -- wvum

no requests today, but feel free to ask whats blowing your mindddd

and yes, Jimmy Tamborello is Dntel and James Figurine..


While I was at the Southern most tip of the continental U.S....

Radiohead announced their new album.

And it is being released in 10 days.

As a digital only download.

Price at whatever you want to pay for it.

There is more. Read here. Or here. Or just Google Radiohead In Rainbows. There is a deluxe "discbox" coming out in December (preorder now) and a regular ol' CD version sometime next year (if they ever sign to a label since they are basically an unsigned band right now).

I think all of the major label execs just threw up a little bit in their mouths.

Hello everyone.

Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days;

We've called it In Rainbows.

Love from us all.