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It's incredible how much great new music is out there at any given time... I stayed up just last night looking through the blogs and found like 40 great tracks. Enough to fill like 3 cds worth! That's just looking through my usual spots. If you search Hype you could probably find tons more. So there really is no excuse for not finding great new music. Lucky for you guys that we love to do it for you!

Anyways I still need a few days to sort out which ones make the final cut (only the best ones make it on our little blog here), but right away I know there are some amazing ones that I can share with you guys.

The first one is by a band from Stockholm called Rocca. What is it with Stockholm, they have so much great dance music over there. I'm gonna have to pay a visit one day. These guys ooze pop sensuality. My favorite track is Carrie-Anne. Been burning it out for a couple of weeks. It's an electro-pop gem in my opinion. See what you guys think. After all 'It's all for Carrie-Anne..'

The next one is by one of my favorite singers Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals. This guy is so prolific. He had a solo album and a full album with SFA last year and yet he still managed to do this project as well called Neon Neon with Boom Bip from Los Angeles. This track is more electronic and dancey that what I usually hear from him. Seems like he may be trying to do something like what Ben Gibbard from Death Cab did with Postal Service and have a more dancey side project. Even the artwork looks very Italo Disco. Can't wait to hear the album which comes out in March and also features Spank Rock and a few other collaborators. Check out their MySpace page for a few more treats.

Been awhile since we heard from The Helio Sequence and they didn't waste one minute. This track of theirs Can't Say No is spectacular! They got a couple more you can download on the Obscure Sound blog as well (all good) as well as interesting reading on how the singer almost lost his voice and how singers like Bob Dylan helped inspire him to get through it.

Run Dan Run are from Charleston South Carolina and they put out some great Indie-Pop. My favorite track so far is 'Your Name Escapes Me' and you need to check it out.

Finally here a slinky/groovy dance jam called New Romantic Sounds by a band called Superheroes. There's so many bands called Superheros on MySpace, I had no idea. Couldn't figure out which was their page. You figure it out.


P.S. I took the picture on top in New York a few of years ago at the MoMA. Can't remember the name of the artist but it was pretty sweet. Pieces of this persons body displayed on all these different sized monitors.

MP3: Rocca - Carrie-Anne (YSI)
MP3: Neon Neon - I Told Her on Alderaan (YSI)
MP3: The Helio Sequence - Can't Say No (YSI)
MP3: Run Dan Run - Your Name Escapes Me (YSI)
MP3: Superheroes - New Romantic Sounds (YSI)

I leave you with a great video I saw on Headphonesex for Zongamin's track Azzazza...


Chris said...

Finally Gruff and Boom Bip are doing a proper release!! They did a track together on Boom Bip's last album.

It's interesting, it sounds like "Who can it beeeee now..." by Men At Work. I want to check out the rest of album.

Chris said...

Okay burn out moment, the whole reason I wanted to leave a comment was about the track title and the Star Wars reference... hellooooo Alderaan... I can't believe you didn't say anything about that.

(for anyone else... It's Princess Leia's home planet and the Death Star's first target.)

Ray Milian said...

help me obi one, you're our only hope! (p.s. chris is obi one)

Anonymous said...

ooh, i love superheroes! i played one of their songs during my dj set last week! have you heard his new band "private"?

Ray Milian said...

no... nice! ill check it out. another great liz recommendation! did superheroes break up?

Anonymous said...

yeah, they broke up a while back, maybe even a few years ago. i was lucky enough to see them play live a couple of times in nyc. their live show was INSANE.