Hope for Justice

"Quick get your post ready! You have the leak! Post it before anybody else does! Don't check your facts post it. Upload the track to a file share host. Find a random image through Google search. Go! Do it!"

That's pretty much what happened yesterday when a supposed Justice tack from Ed Banger Records Volume III "leaked" onto the internet. The track was called Hope. Was that a intentional name by whoever started the rumor?

Less than 24 hours later, it is corrected as a song from the soundtrack of a Japanese manga show Kaiji. The track is Espoire named after the lead character's space ship. If it were indeed a Justice track it would have been interesting change for them. The track is heavy on the guitars and seemingly would echo Daft Punk's Human After All change to a more rock orientated sound.

Anyways, if you do like the music, the soundtrack is available import only for something around 35-50 bucks. Track 14 is the track in this video that was confused for the Justice track.

Anyways, the point is I'M GOING TO JAPAN! Wooo! It seems like end of April is my target date.


Victor Castro said...

just wasting time and winding down for LOST... but just wanted to add to this:

Clever intro... "Quick get your post ready..." seemed a shot of adrenaline was sent to you when you heard about Justice's Hope.

Chris said...

To be honest, I'm a little over the Justice hype.

I just thought it was funny that blogs grabbed the song and wanted to be the first one to post a leaked Justice track only to find that it was a fake less than 12 hours later.

But thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

would be interesting to meet you at the vanity tokyo party :) we are hungry to discover more avant-guarde sounds.

Chris said...

super june I will see you in April! Send me your contact info so we can stay in touch.