Tickle You With Cuteness

Miami artists/designers/friends Friends With You have created a wonderful new film as part of the Zune Arts program along with some artwork to decorate your Zune. Aaand Santogold has provided the musical backdrop with her song Say Aha.

The film is filled with puppets, magics jewels, and a pair of fuzzy characters as the protagonists. The story even has a moral to it. Be nice alright? I really enjoy how the duo explore the idea of mysticism and symbols by using ideas and concepts from past cultures but interpreting them in their projects. These narratives help to explain their ideas.

As for the film itself, the stop animation is awesome and now that CGI is everywhere, it is nice to see other media used to create animations. And a fantastic track was chosen as the musical score.

Good job Zune team! But I still love my iPod.

While we are on the topic, anybody actually own a Zune? I remember the hype about the Zune Social (the social ended a while ago) and the device being an iPod killer but ever since the 2nd generation's delay I think the player has fallen by the wayside. However this Zune Arts program is pretty interesting and relevant unlike its circuit board counterpart.

Tickle Party
Friends With You

I am posting (the much blogged) track Creator which illustrates the similarities between her and M.I.A. But after listening to more of Santogold's tracks you can tell that she is not a copy of M.I.A. (watch the film for another style of hers). This track below however has some out of control beats and basslines.

MP3: Santogold - Creator (YSI)

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