Music for Rainy Days

After dealing with these crazy rains in Miami the past couple of days (and today does not look even better), this album cannot be any more apropos. Seriously, I'm making a playlist and putting the entire thing on repeat. All day.

Amplive has finally reached an agreement with Radiohead and all other parties involved and Rainydayz has finally reached the ears of the public! Add this to the list of Reasons Why Radiohead Is Awesome (dang it, need to get more paper).

The project is the work of Oakland producer Amplive and is a remix project taking Radiohead's In Rainbows and some incredibly talented MC's (Too $hort, Del the Funky Homosapien, members of Jurassic 5, etc...) and creating an incredible interpretation of the British band's latest release.

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Victor Castro said...

it's blogs like this that let's the locals embrace the talent that is out there! everyone should give this a listen! it's time to expand our music horizon and appreciate off the radar!