One of my favorites at the moment are PNAU. These guys are a duo from guess where? Sydney, Australia of course... Why does most of my favorite stuff keep coming from down under and Sweden. They're on a roll I guess...

Anyways these guys are pretty amazing! Electronic Pop Music with a heart, like one of my other favorites from Australia Midnight Juggernauts. They mix classic electronic pop elements with a modern twist all their own.

Some songs are a bit disco-ey like this Baby Remix by Breakbot with full on childrens choir! While others are more anthemic dancefloor stompers like Come Together & Embrace, but they're are all uniquely them and all really good! Don't you love when bands can do different things. Makes album experiences better when every song doesn't sound the same. Some slower, some faster, keep us on our toes.

These 3 songs I'm posting today are about as good as it gets, all Highly Recommended!

You can just tell when bands are gifted and creative and this is one of them. I think you guys will be thanking us for this recommend.

Here's the Original/Video for Baby...

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Victor Castro said...

Embrace people.... EMBRACE!!!!

Last four posts have been great sounds in my car! Thx!

Congrats on Love/Hate!