Optimum Posting

I'm back. It's been a while guys. Sorry about that. But you know how life is... priorities.

But like Lassie, I'm coming home. So much is going on in the magic city. WMC, duh... it got every single bloggers' (local and not) panties in a rage. I just hope the coverage is not like this years (over) coverage of the SXSW festival. I think I just started ignoring any SXSW post after day 2. And they kept coming even after the festival is over. If people really want to see what it is like, they need to just go there. There is no way that 20 blog articles (with way too many angles of the same lead singer) is going to convey the same feeling as being at a club listening to live music.

Tonight is the Off the Radar 3 year Anniversary party (the party not the blog - same thing but we'll have another party for that). Along with APT, we got Lee Douglas, Jacques Renault and Justin Miller to spin us into a disco frenzy. Details are somewhere in a post below. (UPDATE - Updates are fun. And last night's party was awesome. DFA was in the house. Rub-n-Tug. And the finest crowd on this side of the Atlantic.)

What else is going on... spring is here. Well, in Miami that means the weather, um, stays the same. But I'm sure for everybody else it is a big deal. I guess. It does mean beach weather is coming. Come to think of it, I think that the ocean temperature is the only thing that changes with the seasons here. Yeah I don't go in the water if it is below 80 degrees. No can do, I can't go for that. No. Speaking of ocean temperatures, come to Miami before it disappears!!

Okay, music that is why you're here right? So let me start by saying, "I'm sorry" to anyone who has submitted music in the last, um, month and a half. Let's just say I ran out of hard drive space and have a kinda backlog of music to go through. BUT despair not, I just upgraded my hard drive and now have a ridiculous amount of space.
Did I mention that Apple MacBook Pros have teeny screws that are easy to lose on a concrete floor?
Renzo helped me find them. I ended up dropping 3 in the course of the upgrade.But the fruits of my labor have been reaped and my Western Digital Scorpio (250 GB if you care) plays nicely with laptop. Did you notice the ridiculously cool wallpaper? Courtesy of Kitsune Noir's (not the French label) Desktop Wallpaper Project. I think somewhere around 20 of Kitsune's favorite artists contributed designs and a new set of wallpaper (computer and iPhone and PSP sizes) is available every Wednesday. (UPDATE: -Bobby from Kitsune Noir just told me there are over 70 artists involved. Well over a year's supply of desktop eye candy.)
But I still have not heard any of the new music in my special music listening chamber (aka my car) since it is all sitting on my work computer right now.

Sooooo, instead I'll focus on a duo (they were a trio at one point) from Scotland that go by the name Optimo. They have weekly also called Optimo (full name Optimo Espacio - but nobody calls it that) and also put out various remixes under the Optimo name. (Note to self, too many uses of the word Optimo in close proximity.)
Since we are on the subject of the name. It is inspired by the Liquid Liquid release on 99 Records entitled... you guessed it, "Optimo". You can read about 99 Records here, the article will do the label better justice that I ever could. It is actually written by JD Twitch which is one half of the current Optimo that I am writing about. The other half is JG Wilkes.
Optimo started in 1997, suffice to say, they have quiet an impressive discography of remixes.
Colder, Prinzhorn Dance School, Pharoahe Monch, The Glimmers, Love Is All, Peter, Bjorn and John (I still play this edit out), Tussle, The Gossip, Franz Ferdinand, Sons And Daughters, Rinocerose... do I have to keep going? The party is every Sunday at The Sub Club from 11pm-3am (WHAT? Sorry, I still am amazed that Miami has probably the most lack liquor licenses in the world...) and the guys are pretty much everywhere else during the week.

MP3: The Shortwave Set - No Social (Optimo Espacio Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing (Optimo Remix) (YSI)

MP3: Liquid Liquid - Optimo (YSI) (UPDATE - Just wanna say I think this track kick started the party as soon as Matt Cash dropped it last night.)

So as far as my blogging, though Ray thinks I forgot about the blog, I have not. Just think, quality over quantity. One hit wonders are fun... for a bit. But classics rarely get deleted from the iPod. By the way, did you notice the slick photos I took with my new camera? All in preparation for this little trip I'd like to call JAPAN bitches! Don't forget to send in any suggestions for my trip!


Anonymous said...

It's actually almost 70+ people, so you'll have wallpapers for at least the rest of the year! haha

Chris said...

Thanks Bobby! Even better! Hope you are having a good time in Miami.

At least the weather cleared up!