Just added some Velocifero cover art! -CM.
Just got a new Ladytron track, 'Black Cat' from their forthcoming 4th album 'Velocifero' which comes out in June. Pretty sweet track. Love the long instrumental intro, the dark synths and that banging beat, which builds until her vocals kick in. Is it in French or German? Either way it's a pretty impressive lead in track. If the rest of the album is as good as this we're in for a treat. At least for me, I love the dark electro-pop stuff.
They're also gonna be playing in Miami @ Studio A around the time of the release on June 12th. Should be a good show their last performance here was pretty impressive and long overdue! I remember people telling me they weren't that good live before the show, boy were they wrong!!

MP3: Black Cat (YSI)

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