Guess who I am finally going to see in concert on Wednesday?
Close but no cigar...
Much better. FINALLY! I get to see Spoon! Living at the tip of the United States, has a few perks (mainly the weather and croquetas) but sadly many tours leave us out in the cold (75 degree weather). The ones that do come down, figure that Broward country is close enough for people from Miami to drive to. Ugh.

Who cares?? I'm going to see Spoon!!!

Add to the bill The White Rabbits and The Walkmen and the evening is a sure hit.

So first up is the track that got me enamored with the band.

MP3: Lines In The Suit (YSI)

It is easily it is one of their best songs.

The next are from Spoon's latest single, Don't You Evah. The Matthew Dear mix is a dance floor ready, singable version that ends up with all the instruments swirling around you. The Diplo mix (it is a promo mix, so it fades out halfway through.. very slowly...) slows the beat down a bit and throws in a nasty bass line.

MP3: Don't You Evah (YSI)
MP3: Don't You Evah (Matthew Dear Mix) (YSI)
MP3: Don't You Evah (Diplo Remix) (YSI)

Oh and I almost forgot. I got really bored and created a "city" at And I need people to visit it for it to grow. So help a brotha out! Just click that link. That's it!

So to increase the population of Cabezitaville click here. Then to help increase industry click here. Leave a comment if you want! I want the stupid city to get past its Mongolia status.

Oh and Spoon is playing at the Culture Room on Wednesday. Oops. I meant Revolution! Which is actually way better, Culture Room gets too packed. Thanks to Jennifer for catching this!!

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