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I love my iPhone again! (I'll admit it I have one - all those times I said iPod I was lying). Anyways, I finally got new music onto it. I had a bug (?) in one of my Smart Playlists and no new music was coming onto it. Look up how to use them, it is a pretty handy feature in iTunes. Since my iPhone (8GB) cannot hold my entire music library AND I like to listen to different music all (most) of the time, I use Smart Playlists to update my music based off of things like last time played (or never played) and date added, etc... Well the point is a BUNCH of new music made it to my iPhone. So here is my recent journey during my lunch break through my new music. Oh and when I mean new, I don't necessarily mean new release (but there are a few of those too).

First up, I finished a pretty big project at work this morning and so far so good, no problems. Kinda funny that this next song by Chaz Jankel popped up at lunch. It is from the 1985 movie Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. I kinda felt like Val in the poster at work. Except I'm in a suit and tie and and I don't a CRT monitor or bunny slippers. Or blond hair for that matter. I DO have the alien antennas though.

MP3: Chaz Jankel - Number One (YSI)
How awesome was that movie? (Um Uncle Rico - Napoleon Dynamite as Laslo?!?!) When I saw it (yes, in the theatre when it came out), I always thought college was going to be like that. Lasers and secret government missions. And mansion in the desert filled with popcorn. But um, yeah FIU's engineering campus in Sweetwater is, um, in Sweetwater.

So Chaz Jankel is still extremely relevant (Ray posted his new track back in November). How about a fresh release of the track with a Hercules & Love Affair remixes and a Todd Terje re-edit b-side) (that was a mouthful) Okay, I'll post one and you go buy the other and let me know which one you like? Deal? (Wow they are both so good...).

MP3: Chaz Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair House Mix) (YSI)

The next track reminded me why I like to DJ. Even though I took a brief hiatus, I know I'll find myself DJ'ing again. I can't help it. I have too much good music to share. I pretty much expect this next song to be my set opener. I prefer the shock-n-awe technique to DJ'ing. Juxtaposing weird (but still danceable - at least on some planet) beats and textures next to each other. And this new track by Free Blood from the upcoming EP Part 2 is INSANE. I can see myself going crazy on the dance floor to this song. And the funny thing is that of all days to post this song, I'm not even grumpy...

MP3: The Free Blood - Grumpy (YSI)

And since all this happened while I was driving my car, why not put on some Hot Chip offshoot- Grovesnor and a remix of the Drive Your Car by Bird Peterson?

Let's pretend I was driving this car...

Wow the bass just drops to the floor and rubs itself in baby oil after the chorus break.

MP3: Grovesnor - Drive Your Car (Bird Peterson Remix) (YSI)

Leopard skin and tiger eye...

I love the "Gears Changed by..." on the cover.

Soooo basically, the point is, I need to DJ again so you guys can hear these tracks in all their thunderous glory. Zshare is having some difficulties so I'll try (yeah no) posting them later there.

I know all of you chismosos wanna know what I ate for lunch. I had a papusa and taquito from Paseso Universitarios (say that three times fast) at Mall of the Americas. A few doors from Last Chance (you chongas know what I'm talking about.. I kid! I kid!) Papusas are some damn good tortilla concoction from El Salvador. I got the pupusa mixta with Quesillo, beans, and chicharrĂ³n. It's the pancake looking thing on the right. And now I'm stuffed. And clicking on publish post...

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