South Park ON-LINE

If your a fan of South Park like me and Chris you'll be excited to know you can now stream every South Park episode online for FREE! That's right no need to buy all the DVD's or watch the same re-runs over and over on Comedy Central. Go to to watch every episode of the last 12 seasons whenever you want. Except for a month wait on the new releases you can watch them all. That's alot of South Park... Seems the creators Matt and Trey got tired of having to look for each episode each time they needed one and decided to put them all together here. Kinda sucks if you've been spending your dough on all the DVD's, but it's pretty awesome for us broke folk. I've been catching up on lost or missed episodes the last few nights. Pretty nice to go to bed with a smile on your face. Now if only Family Guy were to do this too I would be totally set! Here's the Theme to South Park from Primus plus a couple funny snippets I found of Cartman and the gang.


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