M83 // Saturdays=Youth

M83 which comprises of Anthony Gonzalez from France is an artist I had heard about never got around to listening to, till the other day. I read a couple great reviews on their newest record 'Saturdays=Youth' which was released on April the 15th so I decided to go check it out. So far the verdict is wow!! They've released an amazing shoegazy, goth, pop tinged album drenched in 80's nostalgia, sound & feel. They even have a look-a-like Molly Ringwald on the cover! Fans of bands like Cocteau Twins, Psychedelic Furs, Tears for Fears, Radio Dept., Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Clan of Xymox or 80's New Wave/Goth bands in general will love this! They definitely tap into that feeling that 80's synth pop music made me feel growing up. The duo female/male vocals really add to the experience and music's beauty. Glad Anthony's putting out this kind of music for the newer generations who weren't around in the 80's to experience and enjoy first hand.

Stand out tracks so far are the First Single 'Graveyard Girl', 'Kim & Jessie' (my favorite!), 'Skin of the Night' and 'You, Appearing'. I'm gonna post up a couple tracks plus the video for Graveyard Girl. If you like these, I recommend you buy the whole thing. It's a good one!


Kim & Jessie (YSI)
MP3: Skin of the Night (YSI)

Graveyard Girl Video


Unknown said...

it sounds like they recorded the record in 1985 and brought in here in a time machine! good stuff

Victor Castro said...

yeah, this is really great! it's what i listen to when i jog. i listen to the hole album on a listening booth and had to get it immediatley! so far it's one of the best albums i've bought this year.i'm sure you already know, but they remixed "Shadows" for Midnight Juggernauts. they also did a mix of a Placebo song, don't remember, but i actually might have it... this is going to drive me crazy all day long. got to go into my piles of cd. keep it coming!

PS: waiting for Chris to post!