MIX TAPE :: Dance Jams Edition

Wow, the Quinceanera Party was a blast last night! Jose El Rey killed it and I got to play Freestyle & Miami Bass! That's always fun. Don't get to play that stuff out too often. Some of that Freestyle stuff has some pretty amazing production values and beats. Funny how some of that reminds me of modern stuff I dig now. Music like everything else goes around in cycles. It all comes back eventually, albeit with a new modern twist. Gonna have to do a Freestyle Mix Tape for you guys one day.

Anyways, it's been awhile since I've done a Mix Tape post and I know how much you guys love those! I have a ton of new stuff for you guys so think I'm gonna split it up into two posts. One for this week and one for next week. Can't spill all your beans at once...

First off here's a bad-ass remix of Portishead's Nylon Smile by the Scienticians! It's great how you can get a slow song and have it remixed so it can also be a dancefloor jam as well. This is an excellent example of that!

MP3: Nylon Smile (Scienticians Remix) - Portishead (YSI)

I love Fred Falke as well as his partner in crime Alan Brake! First heard about these guys on the Erlend Oye's DJ Kicks compilation a few years ago and have been a fan of anything they do ever since. They're pretty amazing! Anything they touch turns to gold! I recommend grabbing anything with their names attached to it. They'll never steer you wrong. Here Fred Falke remixes Ladyhawke's 'Back of the Van' and creates a disco dancefloor masterpiece! Sounds like a classic 70's dance jam. Excellent! Check it out, I think you'll will dig it.

MP3: Back of the Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Mix) - Ladyhawke (YSI)

In keeping with the disco sound here is a great track by Aeroplane feat Kathy Diamond called Whispers. It's the original version. Sometimes tracks don't need to be remixed. They're just perfect the way they are. Like this...

MP3: Whispers (Original Mix) - Aeroplane feat Kathy Diamond (YSI)

I was playing this next track Flight Night by Muddyloop remixed by Love Vs Machine Keenhouse the other night and I had someone come up to me and say House? I never thought of myself as a House DJ but then I realized this track is pretty much a house track. Anyways I find as I've gotten older I don't care for genre boundaries so much. If it sounds good to my ears it's a good no matter what label people associate with it. Good music is good music in my book. Just check this track out and see what you think. If you like this I recommend you check out other stuff by Muddyloop. I got 3 tracks from them and they're all excellent!
'Take a Flight Night... When the Feeling is Right'

MP3: Flight Night (Love Vs Machines Keenhouse Remix) - Muddyloop (YSI)

This next track by Chavy Boys of London called Request Line is pretty pumping dance jam. It's mostly instrumental but it still manages to not get boring. I'm a big fan of vocals, so if a song is instrumental it better be damn good to keep my attention. This is one of them. Great beat and rolling synth lines.

MP3: Request Line - Chavy Boys of London (YSI)

Here's a great track by Headman called 'Catch Me If You Can'. Wasn't there a Tom Hanks/Leonardo Di Caprio movie by that name? Anyway's this is a great pop dancefloor track sure to get the Indie Kids dancing with smiles on their faces.

MP3: Catch Me If U Can - Headman (YSI)

Here's a great housey track by Millioners called Body into Use sure to get you moving up and down that dancefloor. This is also a great track to jam out to while your on the treadmill. Give you that extra energy to speed up even while your body is saying stop!!!

MP3: Body into Use - Millioners (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a track by Zombie Zombie called 'Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free'. Sounds pretty grim huh... Like the name implies it sounds like the score to a slasher or zombie flick. All dark and ominous. I love it! Great experimental instrumental track!

MP3: Driving This Raod Until Death Sets You Free - Zombie Zombie (YSI)

That should keep you busy for awhile... Hope you enjoy them and pass the love!

Here's the New Video for Radiohead's 'All I Need' off of their latest 'In Rainbows'. Their gonna be performing this coming Monday in West Palm Beach! Time to scramble for some tickets...


parker. said...

oh ray i've been so obsessed with that aeroplane track for weeks!

missing you on the west coast.

Ray Milian said...

it's a great one! miss you too! seems like your having a blast over in san fran. living vicariously through your pics and posts. gonna have to pay you a visit one day.