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Ran into a post the other day on Missingtoof about Mute's Box Set called Mute Audio Documents 1978-1984. Mute was one of the first independent labels to put out amazing new music/artists in that post punk era from industrial, to synthpop, experimental and more. The first song they ever put out was The Normal's Classic Warm Leatherette by Label Owner Daniel Miller which is considered to be one of the first industrial tracks ever made with it's crunchy sounds and gated effects. They later put out tons of amazing music by heavyweights such as Depeche Mode, Yaz, Nick Cave, Cabaret Voltaire etc, as well as many lesser known underground bands as well.

While I was going through some of the sample tracks they had in the post I ran into some tracks I liked by Fad Gadget and The Assembly. I had heard of Fad Gadget and some of these more obscure bands as I was growing up but I never really got into them. Now in my old age I'm digging some of these. Particularly Fad Gadget's Love Parasite and The Assembly's Stop Start.

Here they are for your enjoyment... Go to Missingtoof for their Mute Post and additional tracks for you to check out/download.

MP3: Love Parasite - Fad Gadget (YSI)
MP3: Stop Start - The Assembly (YSI)

Here's The Normal's Video for TVOD the B-Side to Warm Leatherette.

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Chris said...

It's funny, I was sitting on a leatherette couch this weekend (in Hialeah of course). It makes funny sounds.