POW!!! Dancefloor Stompers Edition

Time for some New Dance Jams! Fresh of the Press for your downloading/mixing pleasure... Don't you just love us! Download them and spread them like _____! (It's always more artsy if you use your own imagination.)

First off here's Canadian artist Vivek Shraya. Seems he's not signed yet, despite getting some pretty good blog love already. I like the original for 'If We're Not Talking' but this Rodion Remix being released June the 30th is even better, especially if you're thinking you'd like to try this on the dancefloor! Check out both their myspace's for alot more good stuff.

MP3: If We're Not Talking (Rodion Remix) - Vivek Shraya (YSI)

Next here's a track by French Man Joachim Garraud called 'The Sound of Disco'. Here it's remixed by Dani Deahl & Mike Gillenwater to great effect! It's a great track especially for electroclash lovers. Is that a bad word now? Don't worry you could probably call it electro house or a million other names so that your friends don't think you're a loser.

MP3: The Sound of Disco (Dani Deahl & Mike Gillenwater Remix) - Joachim Garraud (YSI)

Here's Kid Filthy's Remix of Foals track 'Electric Bloom'. The Foals are more of a minimal rock band from the UK, but this remix is made for the dancefloor. Second take I assume. Dark and Dancey, like I like'em. Look into the Foals regular material as well. Good stuff!

MP3: Electric Bloom (Kid Filthy's Take 2 Remix) - Foals (YSI)

What do you get when you mix Santogold, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) and Pharell Williams? Easy! A Hit!!! Here's a track they did to celebrate the Converse 100 Year Annv! Chris sent me this track, but didn't wanna post it cause he thought it had been blogged to death. I figure some of you just find new shit from us. No? Fuck it, I'll post it anyways...

MP3: My Drive Thru (feat. Santogold & Julian Casablancas) - N.E.R.D. (YSI)

I Love Feist! Not only does she do amazing pop music, but her tracks are also perfectly suited for the Remix. Like this Escort Remix of 'I Feel It All' with horns, marching drums & clapping. Not a dance jam in the vein of these other tracks, but just as good.

MP3: I Feel it All (Escort Remix) - Feist (YSI)

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Chris said...

The Escort remix is the best one on that single. The girls really love when you play Feist at a club.