Moon over...[insert your city here]

Tonight the solstice moon comes out! Look to the east and you will see a giant rising in the sky. The phenomenon could possibly be attributed to the ponzo illusion. From NASA:
see caption

After all these years, scientists still aren't sure. When you look at the Moon, rays of moonlight converge and form an image about 0.15 mm wide on the retina in the back of your eye. High moons and low moons make the same sized spot, yet the brain insists one is bigger than the other. Go figure.

A similar illusion was discovered in 1913 by Mario Ponzo, who drew two identical bars across a pair of converging lines, like the railroad tracks pictured right. The upper yellow bar looks wider because it spans a greater apparent distance between the rails. This is the "Ponzo Illusion."

Either way if the weather is right, you should an amazing evening sky. Take pictures and post them back! I'm going to try and sneak into my friend's soon to be new apartment in my building which has a PERFECT view of downtown Miami. So hopefully I'll get some nice moon over Miami shots.

That picture above is not the moon though, it is the cover for Studio's next release, Yearbook 2 coming out next week which is a compilation of their most recent remixes. I have been playing some of these out (if I see the moment is right, mood it is critical to these songs) and they are well received. So glad I am to see them finally get put together. In fact I personally vouch for the first three tracks. All are amazing. Preview the album here.

Also, listen to how they transform Kylie's track. From disco diva to almost Stevie Nicks mysticism.

1. Brown Piano - A Mountain of One (Version by Studio)
2. Impossible - Shout Out Louds (Version by Studio)
3. Turn The Radio Off - Love Is All (Version by Studio) MP3 zshare/ysi
4. Room Without A Key - Rubies (Version by Studio)
5. Escape From Chinatown - Brennan Green (Version by Studio)
6. 2 Hearts - Kylie Minogue (Version by Studio) MP3 zshare/ysi
7. Love On A Real Train - Williams (Version by Studio)

I pull the curtains down and leave the sunshine out...
I turn the radio on... Hey world! I've had enough...

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