Name Your Price

Following on the heels of Radiohead's experimental release for their last album, In Rainbows, Girl Talk just released his latest Feed the Animals, and you can pay whatever you want for it on the Illegal Art website. The CD and vinyl versions are coming at the end of summer.

However, if you pay nothing, you will have to give a reason why you want the album for free (320 kbps by the way). $5 gets you lossless FLAC files and for $10 you get a physical copy when it is released on September 23rd.

The Wikipedia article is the best part though, the album has a gazillion samples and the article helps identify those "I know that song, it's on the tip of my tongue" moments you will most certainly have while listening to the album.

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals via Illegal Art

MP3: Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix) zshare/ysi

(whoa, just realized this is a newer version of the same remix I was playing last year, Girl Talk cleaned it up and gave it more punch...)

So does this mean that Radiohead's experiment might have actually caused some change in the industry?


collapsaform said...

Well because Radiohead, such a powerful band, was the first to do it, you can expect that other bands will do the same thing. Now Girl Talk has done it. I'm sure another band will as well in time. The momentum built may in effect revolutionize how we get our music and band/record company relationships. If another iconic artist/band like Radiohead does it, you can bet that this will begin to avalanche.

Ingrid Rosales Ortega said...

thanks for that excelent post... i ve been looking for it..
maybe too late but finally thanks to u i have it