James Triumphant Return!

After a depressing break up (at least for me) in 2001 James Return with their 10th Studio Album Hey Ma and it's excellent!! Fans of James will not be disappointed and they might even make some new ones. Time will tell were this album will fall amongst all their albums as they have many great ones. My favorites from them are 1993's big commercial crossover success Laid and 1999's almost un-noticed in the US Millionaires. For me the beauty of James has mostly been their underground status, just under the radar for the most part. Except for their brief commerical success in the early 90's they've mostly been an under the radar band and that's kinda were I like them. What's the fun if everyone was into them? They've probably gotten more fame in the last few years due to nice placements of their big 1993 hit Laid which came out in American Pie as well as commercials. Seems they reunited like other big bands to play some festivals when their fans began clamoring for new material and then bang a new album was born. They've not lost any of their passion and even get political in tracks like Hey Ma were Tim sings 'hey ma, the boys in bodybags, coming home in pieces.' Tim Booths voice sounds as beautiful as ever! Long may they live!!! The album is already out in the Europe and will be available in the US on Sept 16th. Here's a couple of my favorites to tide you over till then...

P.S. Much thanks to Rob who sent me the album!!

MP3: Whiteboy (YSI)
MP3: Of Monsters & Heroes & Men (YSI)

Here's a Classic James Track off of another under-appreciated album of theirs 1997's Whiplash. Although not their best, it had several stand out tracks, like this one.

MP3: Waltzing Along (YSI)

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