New Junior Boys Album?

Maybe not but this is DAMN close.

Remember (or maybe not) that nugget of a gem Morgan Geist released a couple of years ago Most of All? It featured Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys on lead vocals. Well fast forward a couple of years and that track is now part of Morgan Geist's next full length Double Night Time, out on Environ Records in September.

Most of All as well as the b-side from the 2006 12" Skyblue Pink, are on the album and seven other new tracks. Kinda short but as long as it is quality, I am not complaining (Beck's album clocks in a 33 minutes!)

Anyways, the album has an overall 80's Italo vibe, extremely sexy (can I say that?). You can almost say it is Junior Boys 2.0 but that's mainly due to Jeremy Greenspan's vocals (those guys are due for a new album too, I wonder what's up with that?).

MP3: Most of All (feat. Jeremy Greenspan) (ysi)
MP3: Palace Knife (ysi)

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Unknown said...

heard the new lp a few months ago at their studio. stunning as usual.