Bruce Willis Is Dead

Next question, did he die hard?

No really, he's not dead. But this track is pretty damn hard. It's not groundbreaking or anything. In fact I you can head over to club row on 11st Street in "Dwntwn" Miami (ie. the area I avoid like the plague but I hang out 3 blocks away... LOLOL) and catch a lot of stuff like this.

But it's Mr. Oizo. And he and his little sock puppet, Flat Eric, have a special place in my a heart 4-ever. And it's also a ridiculously slow Friday and the weekend is going to be rained out so might as well give you some dance party music.

MP3: Mr. Oizo - Bruce Willis Is Dead (ysi) - removed (I didn't like the song anyways)
And this is the "optimisic" website outlook... (another site said Saturday 60%)

Mr. Oizo - (Kavinsky) Bruce Willis is dead

(I don't even know what our labels mean anymore?!?)


LAFriendly said...

Thanks to LA Friendly !

Chris said...

If you guys say so. Never been to your site, but if this is the stuff you are letting out, I'm all for it...