He Say, She Say

When I was up in Chicago I was lucky enough to catch duo He Say, She Say perform right after my set at Evil Olive. They put on a great show! They managed to get everyone in the crowd into their set. He was spinning/playing gear while she rapped to the tracks as she stood on top of a speaker (check pic above).  Since she couldn't move much up there, she kept telling the crowd  'you better dance for me!'

Anyways a few days ago I got a track of theirs 'Crash Dummie' sent to me and I was mightily impressed! It's a pretty amazing dance jam. It'll fit just as nicely at a Hip Hop party as it will at an Electro-Indie Party. Perfect dancefloor form with hard synth lines and booming bass. If they keep doing stuff this catchy their bound to make it big. Don't think their signed yet, but apparently this track is already doing some damage on dancefloors in Chicago. Check it out...

MP3: Crash Dummie - He Say, She Say (YSI)

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