Live From Daryl's House

You guys have to hop on over to Daryl Hall's website (of Hall & Oates fame duh - we have some young readers, I'm sorry), and check out episode 10 with his guests Chromeo. I have had the item unread for about a week, until I could sit down and truly enjoy the webcast.

In the show, Daryl Hall, along with his musicians and Dave 1 and P-Thugg ,rip through a bunch of Hall & Oates classics as well a couple of Chromeo hits. The Canadian duo look semi-starstruck as Hall explains some of the techniques used to record classics like Private Eyes, I Can't Go For That (No Can Do), Kiss On My List... He even invites them to the indoor pool of his house THAT WAS BUILT IN THE 1700's! Yeah, Hall's hobby is restoring old homes out in Southern Connecticut. Who woulda thunk it?

MP3: Hall and Oats - Kiss On My List (ysi)

Check out Hall's description of Chromeo on his site:

"... Remember the debate when Chromeo first came on the scene? The endless back and forth about whether those boys were joking or not? Well, Fancy Footwork will put any vestigial haters to sleep forever. There ain't nothing "ironical" about this music. It's Hall & Oates riding on 22's, busting shots in the air with Quincy Jones driving. That shit ain't funny. "

It is funny, I have a few friends that are just discovering Chromeo. So now I am hearing tracks that I have not heard in a couple of years and enjoying them all over again.


rich said...

Man, Hall and Oates are enjoying such a resurgence of popularity. Good on them. I would have never expected it.

I like Hall and Oates, but I am kind of annoyed by their "long time" fans that are sprouting up all around me. "Oh my gosh, you like Hall and Oates. I LOVE them!" Really. Really! Do you LOVE them?

Chris said...

I hear ya. Me particularly, it was what I grew up on. Love 94 Sunday Morning Jazz. Every friggin' Sunday. At one point I even found myself diggin' Basia (sorry, I know).

Anyways, I have always liked this easy listening blue-eyed soul but I guess it was never cool for our generation until now.

Chris said...

Did I just date myself in the last comment?