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I told you a bunch of times that the YACHT album I Believe In You, Your Magic Is Real, was good. Now, others have noticed. Particularly James Murphy who signed YACHT to DFA records after replacing Prizhorn Danceschool (they had visa issues) on LCD Soundsystems tour last year. The funny thing is that the track they are releasing first I think least sounds like YACHT. Who cares, it's great. Here is a version they released on their blog last year. It is pretty much the same as the current version out on DFA except the quality of the mix has been beefed up to DFA standards.

MP3: Summer Song (Original Mix from 2007) (ysi)
MP3: See A Penny Pick It Up (ysi)
You guys like videos too....

YACHT - Summer Song from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.

Other people like this band too:

"YACHT smells wonderful. I must say, all the time he spent in our bus, it was as if a cool breeze was blowing through my mind. and good songs, too!"
James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

"YACHT = megaphysical."
Devendra Banhart

"Positive energy rainbow dome music from a next-generation west coast healer."
Dave Longstreth, Dirty Projectors

"YACHT is a true renaissance man, feel his magic zap you with its lightning bolt made of awesome."
Architecture in Helsinki

"The energy they brought, the aerobic choreography, the propelling beats, and the catchy repetitive mantras were irresistible."
Vanity Fair

"A more modern take on Suicide, Sonic Youth, Bush Tetras and ESG."

"Being indie rock's Timbaland ain't easy."
VIBE Magazine

"Oh, man, we love this kid."

"No one combines giddy bubblegum melodies with clinically precise programming quite like Bechtolt."
Entertainment Weekly

"After spinning Yacht's new one, I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real, we are prepared to echo the album title's assessment with respect to the artist himself."
Time Out New York

"Yacht rock has never been better."

"YACHT's not just music, it's a way of life."

"YACHT Became This Week's Biggest Artist In The World"

"Don't miss the boat on YACHT."
The Fader Magazine

"Bechtolt's hip-hop-influenced beats make you want to dance like you're a 10-year-old in aerobics class."
Venus Magazine

"Jona Bechtolt is no more a normal human being than a toaster is a Ferrari."

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