Ray, You're Number One

Sorry my posts have been sporadic. But I have Ray backing me up with live mixes and new tracks!!

This is will be a short post. By now you have to have noticed my affection for Germany's Kompakt records (did I play Gui Borrato's Beautiful Life enough times at Abraxas?). Well, their yearly TOTAL compilation was just released (not here) and it once again does not disappoint.

And to all those "people" that got Monday and Tuesday off because of Fay, all I have to say is that you guys owe me a drink when you see me out this weekend. I had to battle torrential ... okay, slight sun showers with the occasional gust of wind (what an idiot that guy, seriously...), and HUUGE puddles going into work this week. The puddles were ginormous! Oh and I still had to wear a shirt and tie. Ugh.

On to the music...

MP3: Joerg Burger - Modernism Begins At Home (ysi)
MP3: Superpitcher vs The Congosound - Say I'm Your Number One (Superpitcher Remix) (ysi)

Oh about the compilation, here are the tracks. The vinyl and CD version are different. The vinyl has all new material and exclusives, while the CD has 8 of the 10 new tracks and has a a bunch of extra ones that have been released in the last few months (as opposed to only new material on the vinyl).

01. Justus Köhncke – Thanks For The Add
02. DJ KozeZouzou
03. Superpitcher Vs. The Congosound – Say I'm Your Number One (Superpitcher Remix)
04. Jürgen Paape Feat. Alison Degbe – Come Into My Life
05. Matias Aguayo – Minimal
06. Supermayer – Hey Hotties!
07. Jörg Burger – Modernism Begins At Home
08. SuperpitcherDisko (You Don't Care)
09. Partial Arts – Telescope
10. Thomas Fehlmann – With Wings
11. Burger / Voigt – Wand Aus Klang

01. Dubshape – Droplets – Early Night Mix
02. Jonas Bering – I Can't Stop Loving You
03. Robert Babicz – Don't Look Back
04. Nightguy – Pretty Face
05. Gui BorattoAnnuciacion
06. The Rice Twins – The Signifier
07. Nicolas Stefan – Time Is Over
08. Kaito – Everlasting Dub
09. Scsi-9 – Another Day Acid
10. Maxime Dangles – Tulipa
11. Freiland - Geduld

Freiland - Geduld
Justus Köhncke - Thanks For The Add
DJ Koze - Zouzou
Jürgen Paape feat. Alison Degbe - Come Into My Life
Supermayer - Hey Hotties!
Jörg Burger - Modernism Begins At Home
Superpitcher - Disko (You Don't Care)
Schaeben & Voss - Penisnight
Jürgen Paape - Ausklang


slinky said...

the lyrics to "Modernism Begins At Home" made me laugh. they're from Human Resource's "Dominator" from 1991.

Chris said...

I remember that song from this "Rave Till Dawn" CD my friend had. It was our high school soundtrack. Hilarious when you look at the tracking listing.

Only for the headstrong! hahahahaha