Mount Sims::Re-Invention

Mount Sims who originally shot to fame with the emergence of electroclash earlier this decade and their huge dancefloor hit 'How We Do' have now become a full five piece band (used to be just Matt Sims and dancers on stage) and incorporated a darker gothier sound with the release of their latest EP Grave. I for one dig it! Their last album or two wasn't doing it for me. Changes are good! Especially when it comes to artists growing and expanding their sound. I've had the EP title track Grave stuck on Ipod for a few weeks. See what you think...

* On a sidenote I got to meet Matt once at Ft Lauderdale's Phoenix Party were I used to spin a couple of years ago and he came in to do a Guest DJ Set. Real Nice Guy!

So you can see the progression in his sound, here is the video for 2002's 'How We Do'

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