Old Songs

I feel bad I haven't posted in a while. My free time seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I still have time for music though, just not writing about it.

However, music is in a weird transition. While there is some great new things being produced, a lot of what I am hearing ... well sucks. Some of it is pretty good, but just reminds me of something from a few years back that is better.

Anyways, I don't want to come across as a h8r but you know what I'm saying. You know when a song is recycled, you know when a song is disposable. At least if you actually read this blog you are. I do know people that basically don't know better. With nothing to compare to, well, crappy music sounds good.

So as I was saying disco-piano-deep-space-house music is making a big splash in the clubs lately.

But I really like this.

MP3: Diana Ross - My Old Piano (ysi)

(There is a remix floating around out there - a re-edit whatever they're calling it now, it has a pretty good piano solo, but I really don't see the point of playing it out if you have the original.)

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Diallo said...

great song

anything produced by nile rodgers is great