Just For the Fun

Ray is probably going to have a heart attack. I won't go into why I haven't posted in a while. But let's just say it's becoming increasingly difficult. No need for details.

Anyways, I drove around at lunch today aimlessly. Well not soooo aimlessly I had ONE goal...

...and was forced to listen to the radio. Horrible. (They are still playing the as '95 remix of Everything But The Girl's track Missing by Todd Terry. Seriously guys? There has been NO other good dance music since '95? The song has it's own Wikipedia page!!! Proof people have nothing else better to do...).

Oh, why the radio? I'm stuck with a rental while my car is in the shop. Thank god for WVUM. They had a pretty good set going. This tune stuck out in particular. Not sure who was DJ'ing.

Cold Cut - Just For the Kick (ysi)

It's off of Ninja Tunes relatively recent (February) compilation You Don't Know. Fifth in their "Ninja Cuts" series (the label has been around for 18 years!!). And honestly like the title suggests, if you think you know what to expect from Ninja Tunes well this is set to prove you wrong. I think I just found my weekend playlist. 50 tracks on 3 CD's should keep me happy. Especially considering I am quarantined with severe bronchitis and walking pneumonia (even though right now it has progressed to sitting pneumonia and later on it will be couch potato pneumonia).

I'm on heavy duty antibiotics and what not, so if you haven't seen me out in while (you haven't - I friggin' missed Yelle last week and from what I heard a balls-to-the-wall crazy 2nd Saturday Wynwood Art Walk and you probaby won't see me this weekend either), you know where I am... Listening to Ninja Tunes' latest.

Head over to their site where they have a bunch of freebies up for grabs.

Here's the tracklist... no joke, you should get this comp:

01 Blazin' - Ghislain Poirier (Modeselektor Remix)
02 Seat Yourself - Roots Manuva feat. Ricky Rankin
03 Nightlite - Bonobo
04 Fair Weather Friends - Daedelus
05 Donkey Ride - Mr Scruff
06 Dita Dimoné - Pop Levi
07 Gadget Funk - The Herbaliser
08 Getting Dumb - Cadence Weapon
09 Bump - Spank Rock (Switch Remix)
10 Coleen - The Heavy
11 Epistemology Suite 1: Don't Fall - Diplo
12 Next Levels - King Geedorah
13 Pretty Little Thing - Fink
14 To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
15 Bloodstone - Amon Tobin
16 Evermore - John Matthias
17 Chin High - Roots Manuva (Manuvadelics Version)
18 No Qualms - Wiley feat. Chipmunk, J.M.E and Skepta
19 Distorted Minds - Hexstatic feat. Juice Aleem
20 Drop Audio - The Qemists feat. MC I.D
21 Brave New World - NMS
22 Blah Blah - Mike Ladd
23 Bring Madlib Up - Keepintime produced by DJ Shadow
24 Rites Of Spring (Live at Barbican) - The Cinematic Orchestra
25 Thieves - Max & Harvey
26 Physics Of a Unicycle - cLOUDDEAD
27 Bug - Poison Dart (Radio Version) - The Bug
28 Just For The Kick - Coldcut feat. Annette Peacock
29 Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Coldcut feat. Robert Owens
30 Pat Pong - Pest
31 Travailler - TTC
32 Around the World - The Death Set
33 Again With The Subtitles - Yppah
34 Atomic Moog - Coldcut
35 True Confessions - RJD2
36 Slew Test 2 - Kid Koala
37 Have It Like That - Two Fingers feat. Durrty Goodz
38 Free - DJ Kentaro feat. MC Spank Rock
39 Wait A Minute - Ty
40 Seedpod - Homelife
41 Fear The Labour - One Self
42 Breathe - The Cinematic Orchestra
43 Beginningless - Loka
44 Hatoa - Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana
45 Infinity of Rhythm - Ammoncontact
46 The Art Of Kissing - The Long Lost
47 Melted Crayons - Fog
48 Sunday Seance - Blockhead
49 Swedenborgske Rom - Jaga Jazzist
50 Say Goodbye - Bigg Jus

Go back up and read that track list again... Go, I'll wait here.


Ray Milian said...

Hallellujah!! Chris lives!! Well sick, but still alive... Feel better buddy!

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