Stop Begging For Musc

Most undoubtedly you will be attending a house party as part of tonight's festivities. The looming and dooming economy has kept many people at home rather than at the clubs lately. Or at least "pre-partying" aka "saving-cash" aka "filling-the-flasks". But one thing that can make or break a house party is music.

House Party Music Tips if you are the host of a party tonight:
1. Do not let the music stop. Ever.
2. Do not put an artist's entire album on from start to finish.
3. Do NOT put the album on repeat.
4. Do not stick to a single genre/time period (why does everyone want to hear 80's music?).
5. Do not let your trigger-happy-drunk-friend-that-wants-to-30-second-clips-of-songs touch the controls.

6. Do genre jump.
7. Do add some relevant theme music (The Misfits - Halloween if you have to)
8. Do let your guests choose some of the music.
9. Do pump it up. You have big speakers? Why did you buy them? Turn that amp to 11!
10. Do put on one of these mixes...

(wow I came up with 10...)

So as a public service, here at OTR, I found a few mixes by local DJ's that I highly enjoy and who's track lists I think run the gamut of many styles that are sure to please your guests...

Podcast: Induce - Hometeam Podcast (Podcast live weekly from the Conrad Hotel in Miami)
MP3: Cntrl - Election Mix - very relevant mix revolving around the past couple of years in American politics (I think he might have played parts of this at Vagabond last Friday in the garden... I think...)

Oh links to their respective sites... Induce here and here. Cntrl here and here.

YOU have at least a couple hours of solid music there. If you need more...

There is Joakim, who in my book CAN DO NO WRONG. At all. Ever. Here is a mix he did a couple months ago at NY's Sunday's Best party.

MP3: Joakim - Live at Sundays Best!, 08/24/08

He has a best of his mixes comp. coming out soon. (I'll let you know...)

I visited my best friend last night and show up (I know it sounds weird I visited him but he showed up... but whatever...) ...point is, he showed up with a jack-o-lantern and I realized how much I liked them. Never really thought about it. Next year I'm throwing a pumpkin carving party/contest thing.


Victor Castro said...

DO show up [on time] for your own party.

Even though it's polite to let guests chose songs, DO remember you are are in charge of the music. Before you know it, you'll have a coup d'etat in your own house and be forced to dance to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer (which, there's nothing wrong with that)

and for the guests...

DO dance to the above mentioned artists, because as soon as you do, other people will realize they are not the only ones who love it and will join you on a goof-off-dance battle!

Don't keep giving hi-5's to the DJ for every song, he/she needs both hands!

Ray Milian said...

that micheal jackson art is some of the scariest shit ever... good choice!