Belgian duo Aeroplane have been on a roll lately! How great was that Friendly Fire/Au Revoir Simone Remix for Paris I posted last week?? They've also done remixes for many up and coming artists such as Cobra Dukes, Das Pop, Low Motion Disco and The Shortwave Set.

In addition to their remixes they also made their own original disco tinged track Whispers with Kathy Diamond on vocals that came out earlier this summer. I remember Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler asking me if I'd heard the remix he did for that track when he was down here.

Many other big name artists such as Laurent Garnier, Mylo, Optimo, Danny Howells, Joakim, Mike Simonetti, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas have also sung their praises.

Their set to release an album of original material next year in 2009. Can't wait for that!

In the meantime grab all those remixes and here is another excellent one they did for 70's/80's diva Grace Jones.

MP3: Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix) - Grace Jones (YSI)


Chris said...

If course you heard the Kathy Diamond remix, I play one of her tracks almost every time I DJ.

Anonymous said...

hey, chaps

listen, just thought i'd say that as a listener to hundreds of new tracks per week i can still say - without hesitation - that aeroplane's williams blood mix is the best thing i've heard in months.

merci beaucoup