Classic Album Spotlight::Figurine 'The Heartfelt'

One of my favorite electro-pop records of all time is 2001's 'The Heartfelt' by Figurine.

This simple/beautiful record features a young Jimmy Tamborello from DNTEL/Postal Service fame and in many ways is just as good as Postal Service's also classic and much better selling 'Give Up'.

There are many similarities in this work and what would later be the trademark Postal Service sound. Simple synth lines, great beats, beautiful melodies, catchy/smart lyrics, back and forth male/female vocals. It was all here before there was Postal Service.

Can't remember how many times I've listened to this record throughout the years and it still sounds fresh and like the title implies full of Heart (which is hard to accomplish with electronic music sometimes). Amazing from beginning to end...

Love the slower melancholic tracks such as 'Rewind' & 'Stranger', the gorgeous atmospheric opener 'International Space Station II' and the dancier tracks like 'Way to Good', 'Lets Make our Love Song' & 'IMpossible' which became an underground hit for them and is probably their best known song.

You can't go wrong with this album. One of the first records I make sure is always on my Itunes.

Jimmy Tamborello did a follow up solo project called James Figurine which although not bad, didn't quite live up to the amazingness of The Heartfelt (with the possible exception of '55566688833').

Figurine also had a pretty good albeit more erratic first album called 'Transportation + Comunication = LOVE' which is also worth checking out. It features 'Batteries' and 'Wait for You (By the Telefone)' the first song I ever discovered from them.

It's hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorites, plus their video for 'IMpossible'. A track about the perils of long distance relationships and instant messaging.

MP3: International Space Station II - Figurine (YSI)
MP3: Way too Good - Figurine (YSI)
MP3: Rewind - Figurine (YSI)

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