Solid Gold

Recently found out about Solid Gold from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seems they were asked by The Ting Tings to open up for them on their recent U.S. tour were they created a nice buzz and won over some new fans. From the looks of their MySpace they've already performed in Iceland & London as well.

Anyways I contacted them and they were kind enough to send a copy of their full length debut 'Bodies of Water' for me to review. Upon first listen I am thoroughly impressed! They're a great mix of rock, pop and electronic elements. From slower downtempo tracks to full on dance jams, it's got a little bit of everything. Guitars, synths, horns, strings, melodies and great beats. They definitely have a great ear for pop music. The lead singer's voice is stellar as well.

So far my favorite tracks are the catchy mid-tempo 'Get Over It'. The dancey pulsing 2 min 32 sec stomper 'Bible Thumper'. The dark sounding, slow brooding 'Just Like Everyone Else' with beautiful strings & piano. The mariachi sounding horn stomping 'Neon Rose' and the psychedelic closer 'Who You Gonna Run To.' But I have to say there isn't a bad one in the bunch. I've listened to the whole album a few times already and it's excellent! No filler here! I recommend you go out and buy this album asap! You won't be disappointed!

In the mean time they've been kind enough to let me post 'Get Over It', so you can get a taste of their music. Go to their MySpace to sample a few more songs and add them up. I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from them.

MP3: Get Over It - Solid Gold (YSI)

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