I didn't go to too many places for Art Basel. All the crowds and parking issues kinda always put me off, but I managed to push myself to check out a few exhibits.

First was Art Positions on the beach Wednesday Night to open up Basel. I have to say I was pretty disappointed with that one. Not much good art there, plus the containers were so small it was annoying to walk through and come back around through the only entrance/exit for each container. I did get to see JD Samson from Le Tigre and chatted a bit and took a pic with her. Then Yelle performed for their yearly free show on the sand at 10pm. The crowd was pretty thin at first compared to other years, but eventually after she started it filled up a bit more. Kinda wish they would have gotten someone else for this. Yelle had just performed in Miami a couple months earlier and I'm sure alot of people here didn't even know who she was. Especially since previous years they had much bigger acts like Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, Peaches & Scissor Sisters (still by far my favorite show there!)

On Thursday Night I went to the Kill Your Idols Exhibit where Matt & Kim were performing and it was rather disappointing also. Mostly just had punk rock show leaflets all over the walls and some framed punk band posters which looked kinda cheap compared to some of the other exhibits for Basel. Didn't really like Matt & Kim much either. Live their music is kinda bland and simple. Like watered down electro with her drumming and him on keyboards. There were also so many young kids it made me feel old. I felt like I was at a High School party with an appropriately matching long ass line serving one keg of beer for everyone there. I snuck out with some friends and bought some beers next door at a small shop that was open/empty then walked around the Design District enjoying the nice weather. Finally ending our night at a sparcely decorated warehouse party.

Finally Friday was the saving grace of Basel for me. First during the day I went to the Scope Exhibit which was excellent and at night I headed out to my gig at GEN ART's Vanguard Exibition for their Official Party were I was spinning from 8 to 12. Even had a guy propose marriage to his GF right in front of me after I played a song he requested! The track was American Boy by Estelle. I didn't wanna play it cause I had played it earlier in the night and I thought he was drunk and BS-ing me so I would play it again. Boy was I wrong! Pretty unreal.

Here are the pics from Scope followed by the Gen Art ones. Sorry I don't have the artists names but my camera was low on battery and I couldn't take pictures of all the tags. (Plus even if I could there's no telling which artists I would have attached to which piece.)

As I walked up to the Scope exhibit they had this sweet disco ball Miata right outside. Then they had these huge twin wall paintings on the building of Barrack Obama as Superman with this great message on the side of the building. Pretty inspiring words. Friends With You also had a playground area with a huge adult size bouncing house which I partook of for a bit till I ran out of breath. Great workout!

These were from an artist called Mr. Brainwash (you can see it on the bottom). They reminded me a bit of Bansky and were painted all around the exhibit which was pretty sweet.

This was 3D looking piece which was pretty amazing! Looks better in person than it came out in the pics.

Superman in carbonite!

One of my favorites! Love the way it came out in the pic.

Pretty sure this was a Friends With You piece.

Here's that Friend With You bounce house. Pretty amazing huh, there were more adults jumping in there than kids.

This one was pretty disturbing to me. Like a scary black and white dream image.

Loved this one! Pretty amazing in person.

Me and Li having a little picture fun with some mirror balls they had on display.

These blood bath pieces with the girl were pretty sweet...

This sculpture was huge! One of my favorites on the way out...

The following ones are from the GEN ART VANGUARD Exhibiton were I spun later in the night. Always tons of great art here. They had over 2,000 people come through for the Official Party. I managed to take these shots before I had to start spinning around 7:30. It was nice to walk around and check out all the art before there was anyone there. They had these vintage dressed girls who did choreagraphed routines in the pool later in the night. You can see them chilling on the side in the first pic.

This piece by SAS Christian was one of my favorites. Love her work! This one must have been over 15 ft tall! Pretty spectacular...
Loved this painting! Gorgeous girl!

Bush as a lite bright! Suits him.

Some Jap Animation...
Loved this siamese twins piece! Came out great in the pic.


Anonymous said...

You have some amazing photos! I wish I could have made it this year! Just wanted to add that the large sculpture you mentioned about midway was made by Sas's husband, Colin Christian...

Also, the Siamese Twins piece was by Kathie Olivas.

Ray Milian said...

no wonder it was so good. thank you carmen!