After 13 years Bomb the Bass return with new album 'Future Chaos' and after listening to it all week-end I have to say it's pretty special!!

For this new record Tim Simenon stripped down all the excess and limited his tools to only a laptop & mini-moog and in the process produced a minimal classic! It's a dark and beautiful electronic pop record. For this new record he enlisted vocal support from 5 different singers, including Fujiya and Miyagi, Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees/Queens of the Stone Age and main vocalist Paul Conboy who contributes vocals on 5 of the 9 tracks and it all flows perfectly.

If you remember Tim produced Depeche Mode's Ultra in '97' and some of this record reminds me a bit of the vibe of that album albeit more minimal and cohesive. It's hard to make a simple record sound this good, but he manages to pull it off perfectly.

Check out these 2 stellar tracks from the new album plus a phenomenal remix Gui Borrato did for Black River. How amazing are Mark Lanegan's vocals?! Plus those added guitars really complete the track. If you like these I highly recommend you buy the record. Definitely in the running for top albums of 2008.

In addition here's an interview I saw with Tim were he talks about the process of making the new record.

MP3: Smog (feat Paul Conboy) - Bomb the Bass (YSI)
MP3: So Special (feat Paul Conboy) - Bomb the Bass (YSI)

MP3: Black River (feat Mark Lanegan) (Gui Borrato Remix) - Bomb the Bass (YSI)

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