What To Expect In 2009?

The year is wrapping up and I don't expect any big releases in the next couple of days. But there are a few things already announce for early 2009 that I am excited about. I'll spread it out over few posts (so you gotta come back! ha!).

First up is a newish track (new because it was just released) from Arcade Fire. I don't care when it was recorded, it's NEW ARCADE FIRE!

The band is releasing a DVD of their Neon Bible Archives (sessions?) called Miroir Noir. It documents the band recording Neon Bible and the subsequent album tour in 2007. If you head off to this link and sign up for their newsletter you get a free track recorded during that time. The documentary is available (in various sizes) for download immediately while the DVD will be shipping sometime in March 2009.

Win Butler speaking to NME.COM about the making of his band's new DVD documentary describes Miroir Noir as a "window into the band".

As far as the third album is concerned, Butler comments, "Right now, we're in the middle of writing, and things are coming together... It's a great feeling."

So hopefully this will fill in the gap until their next full length release. Here is the trailer for Miroir Noir.

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