Franz Ferdinand >> Tonight

Heard the new Franz Ferdinand album 'Tonight' and it's pretty amazing! Possibly their best yet! A great progression for the band that sees them experimenting a bit, but still retaining their classic style.

The first half is full on dance, whereas the second half has some great slower tracks as well. Even ending on a killer acoustic track 'Katherine Kiss Me' were it's just Alex Kapranos on an acoustic guitar! Beautiful!

I think it will be a big hit for them! My favorite tracks so far are 'Live Alone' a full on disco dancefloor jam that I think will be huge, 'Twilight Omens', plus the acoustic closer I mentioned 'Katherine Kiss Me.'

Here are a couple of those, plus their new video for Ullysses.. 2009's off to a great start so far.

MP3: Live Alone - Franz Ferdinand (YSI)
MP3: Twilight Omens - Franz Ferdinand (YSI)

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