Popular Computer

I first came across Sylvain Dalido's work as Popular Computer in one of the earlier Kitsuné compilations, Kitsuné X (a great recommendation from Lolo at Sweat Records before anyone knew the label on a first name basis). (Note, according to the press release, Popular Computer is actually a duo consisting of Dalido and his computer.)

That was almost four years ago. Popular Computer has released a few singles and remixes (Mylo, New Young Pony Club, The Whip) since then, but is now just releasing Senso Data for the masses. Who knows when the US will get it, but it is available for download now at Juno now.

Fans of Mylo's Destroy Rock and Roll can just go ahead and get this album. It follows along in the same vein and you will not be disappointed. I am also really digging the packaging of the album. It is out now on Rise Recordings (Yuksek, Dom Rimini, Klanguage).
Here is Darling from the Kitsuné X release and also on the album.

MP3: Darling

Hooray for wiiiiidescreen Youtube videos! Here is a promo for the album.

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