Been digging the latest album by Portland, Oregon duo Microfilm called 'Slingshot Orchestra'. Their sound is a minimal electronic style that veers into the land of goth and industrial music at times (probably why I dig it).

Love their track titles also which include references to Erlend Oye in 'Johnny X lost his girl (To Erlend Oye & the World)' and 'Dario Argento' who is a great Italian film director who is most famous for his work in the 70's/80's that you should check out if you don't know him. He does very stylish slasher films which usually features heavy metal/electronic music blasting every time someone get's killed. Usually in a very brutal/odd way. I have Tenebre and Deep Red, but his most famous movie is probably Suspiria.

Slingshot Orchestra is available as un-restricted 256 kps mp3's on Amazon for only $6 bucks! That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, especially for 12 tracks. That's like half off. If you dig these tracks go sample/grab the rest of them there.

MP3: We Are Terribly Sorry for Your Loss - Microfilm (YSI)
MP3: Ciccone - Microfilm (YSI)

Here's their video for the first single from the album 'Teenage Symphonies'.

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