This is Nu Disco

So everybody is saying disco is back. It is almost like people (and bloggers) want to be the first ones to say it. My only suggestion is don't just resurrect an entire culture from 30 years ago as is (or for the house heads, a culture from 10, 20 years ago) like no one ever heard it before.


2 years ago, if a DJ was playing a disco track, people would have harassed him. Nowadays, those same critics are probably playing the same song.

Anyways, PLEASE, if you do decided to DJ disco/house. Change it up. Make it fresh. Take advantage of what there is now and create something new. Don't just dig up and dust off a bunch of vinyl and call it "nu" because you weren't there the first time it came around.

This was a pointless rant.

Anyways, if there is anybody that I'll schedule a trip around to perform in 2009, it's Joakim.

November 10 2008, Versatile release party 2008
Joakim And The Disco
At Fl├Ęche d'Or, Paris, France

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