Futurecop! are an electronic duo hailing from London, England.

From the looks of their myspace they are totally in love with all things 80's.

Some of their track titles include 'Karate Kid' & 'Transformers'.

They even have a clip from Kids Incorporated an old Saturday morning kids show that was big in the 80's. They have to be at least in their 30's to remember that.

Anyways they make some crazy good music.

Recently I got this sick remix for one of their tracks 'Class of 1984' by Anoraak. It's a little bit of dancefloor heaven. 7 mins and 18 seconds of dancefloor bliss.

They are gonna be in Miami for WMC so Miamian's/tourists if your in town for that be sure to check them out at some point. Seems they're gonna be here all week long. Saw some pictures of them in shorts by a pool at WMC 08', so it seems they liked it last year and are back for more. Who wouldn't? Miami weather rules! At least during winter time.

Here's that great track I was talking about, plus their video for 'Transformers' also a really cool track from them.

Happy Valentine's Everyone!!

MP3: Class of 1984 (Anoraak Remix) - Futurecop! (YSI)


Anonymous said...

i love futurecop and thanx for the remix. just to add they are actualy 26 years old

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to one of their playlists right now! One of my friends met and hung out with them in LA recently and now she can't stop talking about how great they are.

Kids Inc ruled, btw. I'm only 24 but I remember that crap.