Let's Get Physical

I have always considered Damian Lazarus, the boss man of the Crosstown Rebels imprint, a world class DJ. I briefly mentioned him in a post about the Timeout: The Other Side series. His was definitely the standout volume, opening the album with the amazing Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys' track Do's And Dont's and introducing me to Nathan Fake.

Now, he is getting ready to release his first single on Get Physical. I have read a couple of reviews where the person does not know what to make of the track, but it seems pretty clear to me (they consede in the end that they are intrigued by the direction he is going). He gives minimal tech, a typically emotionless genre, depth and feeling. He starts the track with a simple piano melody and him singing! Slowly building with electronic flourishes until a 4-4 beat sneaks up on you. Female vocals echo what Damian was singing a few moments ago. At points it reminds me of a very stripped down version of LCD Soundsystem's epic Someone Great. But it's not. I really hope this is the album opener.

MP3: Moment (ysi)

WMC buzz is already kicking here. From the Crosstown Rebels site (Circa 28 is back as the Electric Pickle, I'm curious... There was some crazy dance action going on upstairs in the past... ):

Crosstown Rebels in Miami 2009
February, 2009

Crosstown Rebels presents Get Lost, the legendary afterhours now in its 4th year at WMC. This year taking residence in a new home, Electric Pickle, after Studio A’s closure. Formerly Circa 28, Electric Pickle hosts DJs Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Butane. While room 2 plays host to the launch party of a new label from LA, Culprit, featuring Dyed Soundorom (check his new CDR release featuring Aaron Carl), the legendary Droog DJs, Lee Curtiss, Clive Henry and Lee Foss. Get Lost has become a successful compilation series and thriving set of events, encompassing the weird and wonderful and always full of surprises.

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