It's WMC (Winter Music Conference) time for us once again here in Miami.

Not such a big fan of WMC. So many crappy events take over our city. Every conceiveable venue books every conceiveable hour. From daybreak to sunset, after hours etc.

Pretty overwhelming. You gotta be on some serious drugs to keep that shit up. (I'm too old for that, actually I was never into those types of drugs)

Plus most of the DJ's/acts I've never heard of.

They do these crazy line-ups with like 10-15 DJ's. What is that like 30 minute sets? Half the time you don't even know who's spinning anyways.

Plus local DJ's who are probably better than most of these out of towners get the boot that week. Kinda lame if you ask me.

I don't wanna be all negative, there are still some really great events like Fridays @ The Vagabond w/Erol Alkan, Riton, Late of the Pier, etc or Ultra Saturday w/Cut Copy, The Presets +. Just seems like the good ones could be done on a week-end instead of this whole week-long marathon.

But alas it brings money to our city, so I'm sure most venues will welcome that, especially with the recession and all. Curious to see how that will affect this year's crowds.

With that being said Off the Radar will be holding it down (as always) Wednesdays @ The Standard from 8PM-12AM with a Live Performance by the amazing Panic Bomber ( (also a local), plus DJ Sets by Off the Radar Resident's Ray Milian, Danny Ashe & Tom Wareham!

We will also be celebrating our good friend Grace Jones Birthday! WE LOVE HER, you probably do too!! So swing by on your way to one of the these many events and enjoy a cocktail, great music or maybe grab some dinner with us before you head out to one of these events and get disappointed.

I'm really an upbeat/positive person, I swear... ;)

Here's a couple sweet remixes I'm fixing to drop sometime this week.


MP3: Better Off As Two (Justin Faust Remix) - Frankmusik (YSI)
MP3: God Knows (Kolt13 - Pornostream Remix) - Tigersapien (YSI)

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