Russ Chimes & Anoraak = LOVE

It's amazing what a good remix can do. The original version of Circlesquare's track Dancers is ok. A slow track with some twangy guitars, that might be ok for home/Ipod listens, but not what you'd expect for a track called Dancers. Definitely not the best material for the dancefloor.

Put that same track in the hands of two amazing remixers/artists like Russ Chimes from London and Anoraak from France and now you've got a whole different story. A dark new wave dancefloor masterpiece! Been loving this remix! Hard to believe it came from the same source material.

I'd keep an eye on both these up and coming artists. Loving everything I've been hearing from them. They've already done remixes for the likes of Solid Gold, Metronomy, Futerecop! (which I posted awhile back), as well as done great orignal tracks of their own.

Here's that amazing Circlesquare remix I was talking about, plus a couple other standout tracks sure to make your ears happy and get those feet moving.

MP3: Dancers (Russ Chimes Vs Anoraak Remix) - Circlesquare (YSI)
MP3: Nightdrive With You (Grum Remix) - Anoraak (YSI)

MP3: Continue (Russ Chimes Remix) - Minitel Rose (YSI)

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